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TOWER Chest bridging tutorial from Ethereum to Polygon

TOWER Chest NFTs can be bridged from Ethereum to Polygon. Having the TOWER Chests on Polygon can greatly reduce the gas fees of opening a Chest and transactions of sending TOWER Game Card NFTs in the future. Holders of TOWER Chests will be able to open their chests very soon.

How to bridge your TOWER Chest NFTs from Ethereum to Polygon:

  1. Go to our official website at and connect your crypto wallet
  2. Click “Inventory”, and you can see the amount of TOWER chests you own on Ethereum and Polygon
  1. Click the “Bridge” button, enter the number of chests you want to bridge from Ethereum to Polygon; you could bridge all chests at once
  2. Approve the website to access your Ethereum TOWER Chest with your crypto wallet (gas fee in Ether (ETH) is required). Each type of chest only has to be approved once per wallet
  3. Confirm the bridging transaction with your crypto wallet (gas fee in ETH is required)
  4. Wait until the bridging is finished; it might take around 10 minutes to complete the transaction

Alternatively, you could bridge the chests via the official Polygon Bridge.

Important Notes:

  • You’ll be able to send the TOWER Chest NFTs to other wallet addresses once the Chests have been bridged to Polygon
  • Details of the Chest opening will be announced very soon
  • If you want to know more about the utilities of upcoming TOWER Game Card NFTs, please check the article here

Questions? Reach out to us!

If you have any questions regarding the TOWER Chest sale, TOWER token, the Tower Experiment, and the Crazy Kings game franchise, feel free to contact us!


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