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TOWER Ecosystem — Campaign of the Month

Dear Defender, please check the TOWER Ecosystem ongoing events of February 2023. This article will be updated on a monthly basis to reflect all the happenings.

Monthly Crazy Defense Heroes Mobile Game Play-and-Earn events

Please note that you have to fulfill all prerequisites to claim rewards from Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-Earn rewards:

  1. Avatar XP Gain Event
  • Gain enough Avatar XP (Avatar Experience) to share TOWER Play-and-Earn Prize Pool
  • Prize Pool of the month:

2. Daily Star Chest Check-in event

  • Earn TOWER tokens EVERY DAY by opening a Star Chest in the game and check-in on our website. The more days you complete, the more rewards you accumulate.
  • Check in for the entire month to gain 1 Special reward and 1 Full Attendance Badge Soulbound NFT

3. Play-and-Earn boosting for holders of 5 or more Battle Card NFTs

  • Players who own at least 5 TOWER Battle Card NFTs of any rarity can enjoy a boost on all of their XP Gain and Daily Star Chest Event rewards.

4. Rarity Bonus — Extra TOWER token rewards

Earn extra TOWER tokens by fulfilling ALL conditions of a reward tier within the month listed below:

XP Gain event
Reach Tier 3: 1750 $TOWER
Reach Tier 2: 1385 $TOWER
Reach Tier 1: 791 $TOWER

Maximum token earning for “Daily Star Chest”
406 $TOWER

In the best-case scenario, a player can earn more than 5313 $TOWER by fulfilling the conditions below:

  1. Own extra TOWER Battle NFTs to enjoy up to 2.0x boost of XP Gain and Daily Star Chest earning, and
  2. Fulfill all conditions for Play-and-earn Extra Earning, gain up to 1000 $TOWER

TOWER Community Events:

  • Meme Contest

Create memes for the Ecosystem to get featured on social media and win 2300 CDH Gems, plus a Soulbound “Meme God” Achievement Badge NFT

What’s New in TOWER Ecosystem?

Redeem your TOWER Ticket from the BinanceNFT x TOWER NFT sale to obtain CDH Game Items and TOWER Battle Card NFTs


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