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Defenders, it’s nearly the end of 2022. We couldn’t be more grateful to have you here to witness all the goals we achieved, and ideas we pioneered together during the year, let’s go through them one by one:


The “Daily Star Chest” Play-and-Earn Campaign continued to gain a reputation and Crazy Defense Heroes became the top game in the Gaming Category.


The TOWER Token officially bridged from Ethereum to Polygon chain, and TOWER Chest Bridging was also available, with this major development, the team was prepared to keep exploring the possibility of Web3 Gaming with support from Polygon.


Added the TOWER Map Piece NFT to regular “Daily Star Chest” Play-and-Earn Rewards, further increasing the variety of TOWER Ecosystem

Meanwhile, we stayed the top #1 Polygon in DappRadar, check the feature article here


Following Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu’s thoughts on the importance of KYC, more than 15,758 players were retained for the #PlayAndEarn event after the Implementation KYC Mechanism to remove bots and bad actors that disrupted the ecosystem.

It was A great step in creating a healthy and genuine user-oriented community for our players.


The CDH reward claiming system launched, and users could redeem their rewards from previous months of Play-and-Earn events.

Also, we had the first Joint Tournaments with Arc8, distributing more than $10K worth of TOWER Tokens to a group of a new audience.


TOWER Chest Opening available, users could obtain 3 TOWER Battle Card NFTs from each chest, which act a major role in the upcoming Play-and-Earn events.

Meanwhile, we embraced Coinbase Wallet as an official partner to keep exploring the potential of Web3, we eventually got featured on the Coinbase web3 section.


Announced the idea of TOWER Achievement Badge Soulbound Token — Achievement Badge NFT to signify user’s achievements within the ecosystem, it pioneered in exploring new possibilities within the #Web3 Game Industries

“Daily Star Chest” Catch up system introduced, players could use TOWER to catch up on missed check-ins

Introduced the first TOWER x The Sandbox Game Jam, accumulating experienced creators to develop a unique experience for the TOWER ecosystem.


Launched TOWER Web Store, a major utility development of TOWER, allowing CDH players to purchase in-game items with Polygon TOWER Tokens, generated more than 12M TOWER Revenue since the launch

Introduced brand new CDH Atari Invasion, including 3 themed game cards and new enemy skins.

Designed rarity bonus for devoted Battle Card NFTs Holders on our Play-and-Earn events.


Play-and-Earn events are exclusively available for TOWER Battle Cards NFT Holders, further reinforcing the importance of digital ownership. The floor price of TOWER Battle Cards went 10x after the announcement.


The first BAYC x TOWER Play-and-Earn Event happened, together with the release of a brand new BAYC-themed Crazy Defense Heroes Game Card, we also mentioned the TOWER League and it's the first event to earn TOWER Hero Points.

2 Cool Cats joined the TOWER family

Officially released the Twitter account of “The Crazos” and Lizzie the mascot, get ready for the upcoming drops!


Introduced OnePlanet as the first TOWER official partner that enables $TOWER NFTs trading on native TOWER Token, a big step to increase NFT exposures of the TOWER Ecosystem.

The “Unknown Device” - The first utility of TOWER Map NFT went live together with the mysterious unknown device. It seems to be coming from the outer space associated with Crazos …


Another major fulfillment, redemption available for $TOWER Tickets purchased from the BinanceNFT x TOWER NFT sale, Users could obtain CDH Game Items and TOWER Battle Cards.

To conclude, all these achievements wouldn’t be meaningful without support from all of you, let's continue the journey in 2023 together!


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