You can now redeem TOWER x Binance NFT Tickets for Crazy Defense Heroes in-game items and Battle Card NFTs

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3 min readDec 28, 2022

Thank you for participating in the Binance NFT x TOWER Sale. We’re glad to announce that the TOWER x Binance NFT Tickets can now be redeemed on the TOWER website!

Guide to redeeming your TOWER x Binance NFT Tickets:

  1. Make sure to withdraw your TOWER x Binance NFT Tickets from BinanceNFT to the BNB Chain, and then bridge them to the Polygon Chain. If you haven’t done so already, you can follow the guideline here.
  2. Go to the TOWER Inventory page on the TOWER website, and check the number of Tickets you have on the Polygon Chain. Select either Gold, Silver, or Bronze Tickets, then click Redeem to proceed

3. Enter the number of Tickets you want to redeem, you can redeem multiple tickets of the same type at once. For example, if you want to redeem 5 Gold Tickets, please select “Gold Ticket”, enter the number “5“, and then click “Next”

4. Then, check the items you’ll get from the redemption, which include Crazy Defense Heroes in-game Items and TOWER Battle Card NFTs. If it looks ok to you, please click “Confirm to redeem”

5. Wait until the redemption is complete, and you will get your items!

The table below shows what items you will get by redeeming different types of tickets:

Possibility of NFT Card redemption:

Gold Ticket:

Silver Ticket:

Bronze Ticket:

Important Notes:

  • The Ticket redemption process is irreversible
  • Please prepare enough MATIC for the transaction gas fees


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