Car restorations help drive change

By Inspector Glenn Doyle

Aaron Sergi, owner of NQ Classic Muscle Cars Restorations, supervising a participant in the Transition to Success program

This week I’d like to give a shout out to a local business that’s helping young offenders and at-risk teens turn their lives around.

Many of these teens love hotted up cars — a passion well understood by NQ Classic Muscle Car Restorations in Townsville.

That’s why this small business, which rejuvenates muscle cars from different eras, has volunteered to nurture their interest in a positive way — one that will improve their chances of securing a job.

It’s done this by taking on young participants in the Queensland Government’s Transition to Success program, which offers vocational training and alternative education to those not in mainstream schooling.

Each week, the teens get their hands dirty, learning the basics of everything from panel beating to refinishing, welding and body fabrication.

Experience in a workplace also teaches the importance of turning up on time, organisation, teamwork and a good attitude. And it’s a great chance for young people to take pride in their work.

All this is combined with their studies at TAFE where participants are working towards a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways.

We’ve always said improving public safety by reducing youth crime needs a whole-of-community approach.

This local business is a great example of that approach in action.