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Novo Ita: A Trip To A Futuristic World

By Ella Gotsch

If you are looking for a small, intimate augmented-reality experience, you will love the new Novo Ita art exhibit at Spectra Art Space! This immersive art experience features the work of various artists, including the talented minds behind amazing experiences like Spookadelia and Meow Wolf Denver. Novo Ita brings you into a magical, psychedelic, botanic utopia in a backyard setting.

I decided to visit the gallery with my boyfriend last week. When I heard that the experience includes buttons to push, things to look at and touch - things I can’t normally do in art exhibits - my inner child was curious. A truly unique aspect of the exhibit is that it offers an augmented reality experience.

Once you begin, you’ll use your phone to scan codes around the exhibit. On the screen, it appears as if the animated characters are really in that spot as they tell a story. Throughout these multiple points, each character’s story can be pieced together to help the visitor understand Novo Ita and how it came to be.

Once we walked into the Spectra Art Space, we were surprised to see what was seemingly a small shop. There was a group still exploring the exhibit ahead of us, so we had some time to explore the posters, art and other trinkets in the pop-up shop. There were so many amazing pieces I wanted to buy for my apartment and my boyfriend was eagerly looking through the Star Wars themed art they were selling from a previous exhibit.

Soon, it was our turn to enter the city of Novo Ita. We were brought to a dim-lit room in the back where we were greeted by a video introducing the guest to the city. I had no idea what to expect, but once I opened the door to Novo Ita, I was pleasantly surprised to enter a futuristic-like world where humans and nature live together in harmony. Although it was in a small setting, the extreme attention to detail and focus on narrative that went into creating it ends up bringing you into a giant world within an otherwise small outdoor space.

There were multiple spots to just sit and relax, both in the sun and in the shade. I certainly took my time in the swinging chair that they had in the middle of the exhibit which was so comfortable. I loved how the space casually allowed us to take our time strolling around and interacting with it to determine for ourselves what Novo Ita is all about.

As I took my time exploring, I soon pieced together the fact that Novo Ita is a post-event world where there has been a re-emergence of the “green”, which allows the environment to start thriving again. After listening to multiple spirit guides tell their stories, reading journals, and looking at all the art and plants, I fully understood the purpose of the show. I loved how, within the already beautiful exhibit, the narrative behind it was one of peace and harmony between humans and nature- it was a very soothing environment to be in.

Not only is this exhibit colorful, interactive, and unique with extreme attention to detail, but I also found out that the experience is made out of 90% recycled and reclaimed materials. The amount of time, effort and thought that goes into Novo Ita is so admirable to me, and I love that it aims to spread awareness about treating our environment with respect in a time where it is so crucial for us to do so.

The best part of my experience was the fact that I had the opportunity to speak with Sadie Young, the CEO and Chief Curator of Spectra Art Space, after my visit. She was truly wonderful to talk to and so passionate about the art. There are so many great reasons to visit this art gallery and support small local artists.

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P. S. -Don’t forget to bring earbuds! We forgot ours, but we still had an amazing experience without them. I’m sure it would be an upgraded experience with them.



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