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The Perfect Pairing: Lindsey Stirling & Vail, Colorado

By Ella Gotsch

One of my goals for this summer has been to experience more. More music, more art, more culture. After living in Colorado for four years, I’ve only ever been to a handful of concerts at Red Rocks and Mission Ballroom. I know there’s so much more out there to discover, wherever it may be in Colorado. This past Thursday, my boyfriend and I took a trip to Vail to see Lindsey Stirling Perform at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, an event we found on the new Towwn mobile app.

The drive from Boulder had breathtaking views to say the least, but nothing shocked me as much as the beauty of Vail itself. I felt like I had been transported to a quaint and friendly city in Europe.

After we checked into our room at the Gravity Haus Vail, we walked to La Bottega to grab some pre-concert drinks and food.

Full to the brim with carbs, we walked off some of our dinner on the way to the beautiful amphitheater. I was taken aback by the amount of people that surrounded me- an unfamiliar yet wonderful feeling for everyone to be back together in person again.

Once we found our seats, I could tell we were both wondering how we were going to enjoy the performance. After all, neither of us had ever seen a violinist performance live before and had no idea what to expect. But once the show started, we were reeled in by the music immediately. The warm, smooth sound of the violin was so calming and comforting; I forgot music can do that to you. Not to mention the amazing choreography that paired so perfectly with the music.

Her performance of her song “Shatter Me” was the highlight of the evening. At one point, I had to ask my boyfriend if what I was hearing was all coming out of that tiny object; he laughed but it was a serious question. I couldn’t believe the power and volume of such a small instrument with 4 strings on it.

At one point, she began to play a cover of “Married Life” from the movie Up (a song that never fails to make me cry). I felt a rush of nostalgia and happiness run through me and was overcome with emotions. It was amazing how she managed to cater her performance to a crowd of all different ages.

After the concert was over, I absolutely did not want to leave. You can bet on the fact that I will be going back to Vail as soon as possible, as well as attending more events I find on the new Towwn app!

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