Building Intelligent Robot Assistants: Our Portfolio Company Elementary Robotics Is Hiring

Toyota AI Ventures
May 19, 2020 · 3 min read
Image courtesy of Elementary Robotics

Our portfolio company Elementary Robotics is building a full-stack robotics platform that leverages machine learning and computer vision to help people automate repetitive day-to-day tasks in a simple, cost-effective manner. While we can’t divulge details because the company is still in stealth mode, we’re excited about the approach the Elementary Robotics team, led by CEO Arye Barnehama, is taking to build robust, intelligent robot assistants that are thoughtfully designed to collaborate with humans.

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, Elementary Robotics is hiring for several key roles, including Computer Vision Engineer and Senior Cloud Engineer. Keep reading for more information on these open positions based in Los Angeles.

Computer Vision Engineer (Los Angeles, CA)

Elementary Robotics is looking for someone that can work on its robotics stack. The computer vision (CV) engineer will design the architecture for CV and machine learning algorithms, both in simulation and on the company’s robotic hardware. The role requires an engineer that can design CV pipelines and algorithms based on customer problems. You will need at least a year of experience in developing these CV algorithms. You will work with an interdisciplinary team that can make collective decisions on the type of sensors to use and where they should go.

The position requires a master’s degree in computer science or a related field. A doctorate degree in a related field is also preferable. The role requires proficiency in Python and experience with RGB and depth-sensing cameras like Intel RealSense or Microsoft Kinect. In addition, you will need experience with image-processing frameworks like OpenCV and CUDA, as well as robust software engineering skills, including work with GitHub and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

Proficiency with additional programming languages is a plus, as is performance optimization for CV algorithms and familiarity with cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Senior Cloud Engineer (Los Angeles, CA)

Elementary Robotics is hiring a Senior Cloud Engineer to work on an IoT fleet of robots, as well as design and put into place a high-throughput machine learning data pipeline. The candidate will develop and scale the infrastructure for a docker-containerized robotic IoT application. You should be comfortable developing and scaling metrics and logging insights for our robotic fleet. The candidate would work closely with the web, systems, and ML teams to gain a good understanding of the teams’ requirements and design features for streamlining the company’s system.

The position requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field, as well as more than five years experience in software, systems, or data engineering. You will also need more than three years of experience working with AWS tools such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Container Service, and Identity and Access Management. You should also have more than three years of experience with production cloud deployments. The role also calls for experience with third-party API integration for monitoring and alerts, as well as CI/CD pipelines and high-volume metrics and log aggregation.

You will have an edge if you bring experience as an admin/root working on AWS or a similar cloud surface. We prefer experience with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as with pipelines such as CircleCI, a CI/CD platform.

Learn more about a career at Elementary Robotics and explore other job opportunities on the Toyota AI Ventures jobs board. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, a number of our portfolio companies are recruiting right now, so be sure to sign up for the Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network.

Toyota AI Ventures

Toyota AI Ventures

Toyota AI Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud, data, autonomy, mobility, and robotics.

Toyota AI Ventures

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Toyota AI Ventures

Toyota AI Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud, data, autonomy, mobility, and robotics.

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