Catching a (Radar) Wave — Our Portfolio Company Metawave Is Hiring

Toyota AI Ventures
Nov 19, 2019 · 3 min read
Image courtesy of Metawave

Founded in 2017, our portfolio company Metawave is on a mission to revolutionize advanced radar and wireless communications, and is looking for like-minded professionals to help the company grow. Metawave integrates AI, beamforming, and beamsteering technology into its SPEKTRA advanced radar system to enable highly automated vehicles to accurately locate and identify objects at long distances. The company also develops state-of-the-art smart antenna platforms for 5G, creating the next generation of broadband wireless connectivity.

Metawave recently closed its Series A funding round and is hiring for several roles on its engineering and legal teams. If you’re a passionate, smart individual looking to advance innovation in the automotive radar and 5G connectivity markets, Metawave is eager to put your skills to the test.

Software Lead (Carlsbad, CA): Metawave’s radar is supported by some of the latest advances in deep learning and electromagnetic simulation software. The company is currently looking for a Software Lead to act as one of the principal contributors on all phases of the software development cycle.

In this role, you will develop new algorithms and codes for Metawave’s line of radar systems and antennas, while contributing to the analysis and development of future product roadmaps. You will also be responsible for hiring and mentoring other engineers, and providing guidance to the larger developer team.

Qualifications for the Software Lead position include a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and 10+ years of building and delivering high quality software systems. You’ll need exceptional coding skills, as well as a background in computer architectures, operating systems, and algorithms. Metawave is looking for candidates with extensive multidisciplinary knowledge in areas including embedded systems, signal processing, machine learning, and UI. You should also have excellent communication skills, an analytical approach to decision-making, and a passion for driving customer success.

Image courtesy of Metawave

Patent Paralegal / IP Specialist (Carlsbad, CA): Metawave’s growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio is key to its long-term innovativeness. The company is currently seeking a detail-oriented Patent Paralegal/IP Specialist to join its legal team as the company scales. This position provides hands-on opportunities to work with complex IP issues and interact with attorneys in charge of patent and trademark portfolio management.

In this position, you’ll manage an IP docketing database and prepare regular docket reports to ensure all required communications are reviewed to meet statutory deadlines. You’ll also be responsible for filing new US/PCT patents, confirming information accuracy, and reviewing all incoming correspondence on the current status of open patent applications. You’ll prepare and file IDSs and formal documents including Oath/Declarations, and Powers of Attorney. Finally, you’ll be the main point of contact for responses to documents received from the USPTO/WIPO or the U.S. Receiving Office.

Candidates will need a bachelor’s degree, paralegal certification, a strong knowledge of docketing procedures, and experience with one or more docketing tools. You’ll be expected to meet strict deadlines and prioritize critical tasks in a fast-paced environment, so being able to function as part of a high-performance team is essential. This position is made for applicants with acute attention to detail, strong analytical, and organizational skills.

If you’d like to find out more information, including details about other available openings at Metawave, check out the Toyota AI Ventures jobs board.

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