Data Generation for Autonomy — Our Portfolio Company Parallel Domain Is Hiring

Toyota AI Ventures
Jan 21, 2020 · 3 min read
Image courtesy of Parallel Domain

Looking to begin the new year with a new career opportunity?

Start your search with the Toyota AI Ventures jobs board, where you’ll find exciting roles at startups like our portfolio company Parallel Domain. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Parallel Domain is building a data generation platform for autonomous mobility developers. The company’s API makes it quick and easy for developers to get data for training, testing, and validation.

Founder and CEO Kevin McNamara, who previously worked at companies such as Pixar, Microsoft, and Apple, elaborated on Parallel Domain’s mission during a November Q&A with Toyota AI Ventures. “Machine learning (ML) is driving the most significant technological revolution we’ve seen in our lifetime. The demand for data that feeds these ML algorithms is huge,” McNamara said. “At Parallel Domain, we’re deploying the industry’s leading platform to generate this data, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us over the next few years.”

If you share that vision, keep reading to learn more about two of the current job openings at Parallel Domain.

Data Pipeline Engineer (Palo Alto, CA or Vancouver, B.C.): Parallel Domain is looking for a software engineer with fluency in Python to help power the company’s data-driven mission. This role involves using the company’s data generation platform to produce synthetic data sets to study the impact of such data on computer vision models. You’ll also help find new techniques and uses to put those data sets to work.

In addition to fluency in Python, you’ll need experience working with machine learning and computer vision technologies, plus familiarity using cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Google Cloud. This role requires at least one year of professional experience, which may include internships and post-grad experience.

Beyond these basic requirements, the most qualified candidates would preferably have coding skills in C++, along with experience working with commercial game engines such as Unreal and Unity. Prior experience working with synthetic data for machine learning purposes is a plus, as is 3D graphics know-how and an exceptionally strong grasp of 3D math skills.

Finally, the company’s fast-paced development environment requires a humble, collaborative individual that is eager to work with a highly-talented team of graphics, machine learning, and simulation experts.

Engine Programmer (Palo Alto, CA or Vancouver, B.C.): One of Parallel Domain’s key use-cases is creating photorealistic, 3D environments for autonomous mobility developers to test, train, and validate their software. As a result, the company is currently seeking a talented Engine Programmer to help build the underlying engine powering these simulated worlds.

In this role, you will advance the company’s core platform by implementing synthetic data generation technologies, such as sensor data, ground truth annotation, and associated engine technology. You’ll get to work alongside a team of graphics, machine learning, and simulation experts in the company’s fast-paced, collaborative environment.

For this opportunity, you’ll be required to possess a strong grasp of C++, coupled with experience working with commercial game engines such as Unreal or Unity. At least one year of professional experience is necessary, with 3D graphics experience being essential. Examples of qualifying 3D experience include past work with rendering, video games, animation, VFX, or simulation design.

The most qualified candidates will also have worked with sensor simulations involving cameras, LiDAR, radar, and similar technologies. A software engineer with strong 3D math skills and a background spread across the entire software development cycle is ideal. Additionally, experience using game engines in a non-gaming organization is a plus.

As Parallel Domain continues to provide essential data to drive autonomous mobility software development, the company depends on talented individuals to move it forward. Learn more about joining the Parallel Domain team on the Toyota AI Ventures jobs board today.

Toyota AI Ventures

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