Helping Autonomous Vehicles Understand Humans: Our Portfolio Company Perceptive Automata is Hiring

Toyota AI Ventures
Oct 13, 2020 · 3 min read
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Based in Boston, our portfolio company Perceptive Automata is tackling a major problem: helping autonomous vehicles (AVs) better understand humans. Traditionally, human drivers make critical intuitive judgments about the intentions of others and signal to one another in subtle ways — such as eye contact, posture, and head movements. However, machines lack the ability to interpret these visual cues. Perceptive Automata’s software is designed to enable AVs to operate more smoothly in reaction to other drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists.

Perceptive Automata joined the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio in 2018, and the company is currently hiring for a number of key engineering roles. If you are interested in using an understanding of human behavior, computer vision, and machine learning to make AVs safer, check out these two roles that are currently available on the Toyota AI Ventures job board: Software Engineering Manager, Data Pipeline, and Senior Software Engineer, Sensors.

Software Engineering Manager, Data Pipeline (Boston, MA)

The ideal candidate has a bachelor’s degree and/or a master’s degree in computer science (or equivalent experience), as well as more than five years of experience with commercial software development using Python. Solid software design skills are a must, as well as experience working with relational databases, containerization, workload orchestration, on-premises and cloud-based data storage and processing. You should also be familiar with data security practices and have a track record of planning and delivering on development milestones. Experience managing software engineers and working at a startup is a bonus.

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Senior Software Engineer, Sensors (Boston, MA)

You will maintain the stream of data that feeds critical infrastructure, and manage sensor drivers, calibration, data capture, serialization, storage, communication, and transport of data. This role is critical in bridging the gap between the sensor hardware and the software processing fundamental to the successful operation of Perceptive’s software on AVs.

Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree and/or a master’s degree in computer science, robotics, or electrical engineering (or equivalent work experience). Strong Python and C++ programming skills are a must, with at least five years of experience building software for commercial or research purposes. You need experience with a wide range of sensor tools and software, including a variety of cameras, LiDAR, and IMUs. You should also have the ability to manage the calibration of cameras/depth sensors, the programmatic interfacing with cameras and sensors, and the efficient storage and collection of large data files.

Experience developing a commercial AV stack is a plus, as is familiarity with machine learning topics, real-time interprocess communication frameworks, and perception.

Learn more about a career at Perceptive Automata and explore other job opportunities on the Toyota AI Ventures jobs board. A number of our portfolio companies are also recruiting right now, so be sure to sign up for the Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network.

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