Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network Featured Jobs: Community Manager & Customer Advocate and Senior UI/UX Designer

Toyota AI Ventures
Aug 6, 2019 · 3 min read
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(Freedom Robotics founding team from L to R: Hans Lee, Joshua Wilson, Alex Cutting, Dimitri Onistsuk, and Jonathan Tran)

We recently announced Toyota AI Ventures’ investment in Freedom Robotics, a San Francisco-based startup that helps free roboticists from having to develop specialized software infrastructure and cloud management tools. Founded by Joshua Wilson, Hans Lee, Dimitri Onistsuk, Alex Cutting, and Jonathan Tran, the Freedom Robotics team is building software and services to power a world where robots make life better for everyone — and they are hiring!

If you are a multi-talented individual who understands and appreciates the hard work needed to grow a startup, we encourage you to learn more about Freedom Robotics. Below are just two of the job openings they are currently looking to fill.

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Community Manager and Customer Advocate: Taking care of customer needs is at the core of everything Freedom Robotics does. Guiding customers through the complex robotics landscape and demonstrating how Freedom’s tools can help them is critical to the company’s long-term strategy, and is at the core of the new Community Manager and Customer Advocate position.

In this role, you will function as the voice of the customer within Freedom Robotics, advocating for customers’ needs and communicating their pain points to the product, developer, and design teams. You will be required to interact with customers on a daily basis and be responsible for creating written and graphic copy for tutorials. You will also manage the Freedom Robotics CRM platform and knowledge database.

To qualify for the Community Manager and Customer Advocate position, you will need 3+ years of experience in customer success or equivalent roles, and familiarity working with CRM platforms, blogs, and other web-publishing products. Freedom is looking for candidates with very strong technical writing skills, as well as programming, design, and graphics experience.

Candidates who have a passion for tinkering with Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino, cameras and robotics, or an appreciation for the way these technologies are making robotics more accessible, will find a great place to grow at Freedom Robotics.

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Senior UI/UX Designer: If robots can be made both reliable and cost-effective, they have the potential to make automated work the new standard and improve the quality of human life. That is what the Freedom Robotics team believes, and they are dedicated to building the software tools and services needed to make that vision a reality. As the company continues to grow, they have an opening for a Senior UI/UX Designer interested in creating design interfaces for their world-class software.

The Senior UI/UX Designer will lead the design of user interfaces and interactions for new services and create full mockups of UX flows and components. You will also work closely with customers to understand core use cases, and with the front end developer team to transfer and improve existing designs based on user feedback.

This role will require you to have 5+ years of experience as a professional designer, with at least one shipped app or web platform where you functioned as a design lead. You must also be familiar with some of the most common design programs and have a strong portfolio. In addition, the Freedom Robotics team prefers that candidates have worked on React.js applications and have previous experience with data visualization, complex interactions, and unique data sets.

If you love the idea of robots being part of society, and want to help robotics innovation flourish, Freedom Robotics is a great place to pursue those goals. Find out more about these openings, and others on our jobs board. While you’re there, apply to join the Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network.

Toyota AI Ventures

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