Unleashing the Potential of Automation — Our Portfolio Company Realtime Robotics is Hiring

Toyota AI Ventures
Feb 25, 2020 · 3 min read

Our portfolio company Realtime Robotics develops solutions that enable real-time motion planning to help industrial robots and autonomous vehicles quickly and safely navigate dynamic, unstructured environments. Founded in 2016 by Duke University professors Dan Sorin and George Konidaris and researchers Sean Murray and Will Floyd-Jones, and led by CEO Peter Howard, Realtime Robotics continues to pioneer new ways of making automation easier, safer, and more productive.

Following our initial investment in Realtime Robotics’ seed round in October 2017, Toyota AI Ventures participated in the company’s $11.7 million in Series A funding last October to help the company accelerate its product releases and expand its team. Realtime Robotics is currently hiring engineers in Boston, where the company is headquartered, as well as in Japan. Keep reading for more details.

Realtime Robotics co-founders Sean Murray, Will Floyd-Jones, Dan Sorin, and George Konidaris

Robotics R&D Engineer (Boston, MA): Realtime Robotics is seeking a Robotics R&D Engineer with the robotics knowledge and skill to extend its core technology capabilities. You will design, test, and implement algorithms in real-world environments for various robotic and autonomous vehicle applications. You will also develop optimization and control algorithms for the company’s robotics products.

This position requires strong technical skills, and a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, robotics, or a related field. You also need strong software skills, including fluency in C++, python, and Linux, and at least one prior experience working with robots. Experience with motion planning and control theory is a bonus.

Image courtesy of Realtime Robotics

Applications Engineer (Japan): Realtime Robotics is also looking for an Applications Engineer to be the technical lead for the company’s business in Japan. You will work with robot OEMs, system integrators, distributors, and Realtime’s end customers to develop demos and proof-of-concept implementations for field applications. You will also provide pre- and post-sales technical support, via customer presentations, application development, trouble-shooting, and remote and on-site support.

As an Applications Engineer for Realtime Robotics, you’ll need to be adept with both technology and people. On the technical side, you will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, robotics, or a related field. You’ll need to be a fluent programmer in C++ and Python, and you should have experience with robotics (including ROS), industrial automation, and computer vision (including OpenCV). On the people side, you will need to enjoy working with customers to create new solutions and solve challenging problems.

If you share Realtime Robotics’ passion for advancing the future of automation, learn more at the Toyota AI Ventures job board. While you’re there, join our Talent Network to get discovered by startups in the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio.

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