Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network Featured Jobs: Mass Properties Engineer and Computer Vision Scientist

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May 21, 2019 · 4 min read
Photo courtesy of Joby Aviation

In this week’s Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network spotlight, we look at career opportunities at two portfolio companies that are changing the way we think about transportation: Joby Aviation and Perceptive Automata.

Mass Properties Engineer, Joby Aviation, Santa Cruz, CA: Headquartered in scenic Santa Cruz, CA, Joby Aviation is pioneering safe and affordable air-transportation-as-a-service using its innovative electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The Joby team is passionate about helping commuters save time, while advancing the transition to sustainable transportation. They’ve been discreetly designing and flight testing their vehicles and are now looking for professionals to help see the project through certification and high-rate production.

As the company’s Mass Properties Engineer, you would take a leading role helping the design team with the aircraft development process, including establishment, tracking, and enforcement of design target weights. You would also be responsible for the creation and maintenance of Joby’s mass properties management and control system.

Joby is looking for candidates who have a professional degree in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, or other relevant disciplines. You should also have at least three years of experience with mass properties and weight control in the aerospace industry, as well as experience in identifying and resolving mass property threats and opportunities. Other desired qualifications include the ability to generate aircraft-distributed mass profiles, and to develop system requirements, flowdown, and validation benchmarks for hardware.

Although the company is growing quickly, Joby Aviation is very selective about who they hire. The company lives for results and looks for candidates who are curious, driven, and devoted to their profession. If you’re adamant about cutting through red tape, embracing bold visions, and building sustainable transportation solutions, this is a great place to spread your wings.

Visit our jobs board for more information about this role, and dozens of other opportunities at Joby Aviation.

Computer Vision Scientist, Perceptive Automata, Somerville, MA: Perceptive Automata believes in building a safer future through machine learning and computer vision solutions that help autonomous vehicles view the world like humans do. Their team of neuroscientists, AI experts, and software engineers has an opening for a computer vision scientist, and they’re looking for someone with an academic background (PhD or Masters) to help them develop their core technologies and perception algorithms.

Humans can automatically make hundreds of split-second driving decisions when we’re on the road. These decisions allow us to make educated predictions about behaviors of other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects on the road. However, autonomous vehicles still struggle with predictions — they just aren’t used to the unpredictability of human decisions. This is the problem that Perceptive Automata is looking to solve and as a member of their small, but dedicated, team, your contributions would have a major effect on their core product and the direction of the company as a whole.

For this role, you would need to have a strong background in computer vision and machine learning, as well as experience in building custom CNNs with high-level frameworks like Keras, Theano or TensorFlow. You would also need experience building real-time applications with camera data in Linux, and to be comfortable with large-scale datasets.

Collaboration and initiative are big parts of startup life, and Perceptive Automata is looking for candidates who are highly motivated and can function in a tightly-knit team environment. In this role, you would be part of joint efforts to create new ways for computers to perceive the world around them, and would need to be comfortable working on large-scale, production-quality Python and C/C++ projects.

If this sounds like you, take a look at the full description and apply here.

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