Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network Featured Jobs: Senior Field Application Engineer and Perception Scientist For Marine Autonomy

Toyota Ventures
Apr 23, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo courtesy of Apex.AI

In this week’s Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network spotlight, we look at career opportunities at two portfolio companies that are working to improve autonomous mobility in a variety of ways: Apex.AI and Sea Machines.

Senior Field Application Engineer, Apex.AI, Palo Alto, CA: Led by founders Jan Becker and Dejan Pangercic, Apex.AI envisions a world of safe, seamless autonomous mobility. They have put together a team of top engineers to help their customers move automated mobility applications into production, and are building an operating system that can be used to make any vehicle more intelligent.

Apex.AI currently has an opening for a Senior Field Application Engineer who is highly collaborative, flexible, and self-motivated, to help connect domestic and international customers with their products.

This position includes providing on-site debug and troubleshooting support at customer locations, improving customer support infrastructure, and advocating for customer needs within the company. You would function as the face of Apex.AI by presenting the technology to decision-makers, building relevant software demos, and acting as a mentor to members of the field application engineering and product support teams.

Apex.AI is looking for candidates with a professional degree in a technical field, 5+ years of experience in technical services or sales, and excellent presentation and communication skills. The right candidate would also have C++ development expertise, a strong understanding of messaging systems, operating systems and network concepts, and experience with software and embedded systems.

Interested applicants can find more information and details on how to apply here.

Perception Scientist for Marine Autonomy, Sea Machines, Boston, MA: Sea Machines, a growing startup creating autonomous control and navigation systems for marine vessels is seeking a professional with machine vision experience to serve as its Perception Scientist and help the company push the next stage of perception R&D.

Sea Machines is passionate about creating practical AI applications for the massive global ocean transportation market. Their team of mariners, engineers, and autonomy scientists are creating products that provide ships and workboats with the intelligence they need to work remotely while effectively communicating with maritime operators.

This role would focus on using machine vision on marine vessels, and would work in tandem with the Sea Machines R&D perception team that is currently looking at multimodal sensor fusion of live data streams (AIS, radar, LiDAR, etc.) It would include the development of detection and tracking algorithms, maintenance and development of software and user documentation, and participation in field testing.

The ideal candidate would have an advanced degree in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field, and would have a publication record on relevant topics. Sea Machines is also looking for professionals with proficiency in software development (C, C#, C++, Python, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras or Theano), experience with ROS, MOOS, or equivalent robotics architecture, and excellent communication skills due to the collaborative, cross-functional nature of this position.

Find a more in-depth description and apply for the role here.

These positions, and hundreds of others, are part of our growing talent network. Apply here to join this free network, and request private introductions to our portfolio companies.

Toyota Ventures

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