Through the power of data science and predictive intelligence, we are building solutions to transform how customers across Europe experience mobility.

To mark our official launch on the 17th of June, we hosted a Business Ceremony to showcase the work we have done during the first twelve months at TCEU. We took the opportunity to provide insight into the products we’re working on and present our vision and goals for the…

Toyota Connected EU (TCEU) and GAZOO World Rally Championship team started collaborating at the beginning of the year on an exciting and challenging project. The main goal of the project was to create a set of software tools for data analysis and visualisation that supports the rally team with fast and efficient decision making.

The initiative is very much true to Toyota’s mindset that there is always a better way. TCEU provides a set of powerful data analytics tools, knowledge and expertise in time series analytics and complex data aggregation and transformation. …


Notes from a team working on connected cars, big data…

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