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Tozex Strategic Development Plans for 2021

Tozex Strategic Development Plans for 2021

Since its launch in 2018, Tozex has already proven to be a successful crypto financing platform offering undeniable benefits to its supporters. Throughout the recent years, the team has made every effort for Tozex to thrive, enhancing the platform with every passing day. Tozex has surely made its voice heard in the cryptocurrency arena, and this is only the beginning. There are no limits for true talents who believe in what they do, and this is what Tozex is about.

2020 has been full of events, and we are proud to have grown this much, something we would have never done without our supporters. One of our biggest accomplishments in 2020 was a wonderful crowdfunding campaign — Believers Reward Offering (BRO) — allowing project fans to earn profits by lending their TOZ. The initiative turned out to be beneficial to all participants, and the first interests have already been distributed. Along with BRO, Tozex has achieved a great number of other goals it had established in 2019, and the trend is to be kept by all means.

2020 has been great, but it’s over, and we have another 12 months of continuous work ahead. Here’s our strategic plan for 2021, a year to be no less remarkable.

Q1: 2021

Official listing of TOZ TOKEN (Mooniswap,, PROBIT)

Finally, TOZ will be listed on three exchanges — Mooniswap,, and PROBIT. Listing is always a good idea for a crypto project, and we expect Tozex’s popularity to grow exponentially along with its accessibility for all user groups. Apart from that, the expanded listing will allow TOZ to grow in liquidity, which altogether will become a new step toward achieving Tozex’s foremost goal — to give a chance to small- and medium-scale businesses to use cryptoassets to develop.

Ethereum Classic and Roostock Tokenpad deployed

Tozex Tokenpad allows for facilitated and automatic token issuance. The tokenpad module used by Tozex is decentralized, which allows for the issuance, management and distribution of crypto assets with no third party involved (that would take resources and decrease the security level). With the use of decentralized Tokenpad, tokens will be issued and distributed through the blockchain and smart contract technology with higher speed and efficiency. Users won’t need to possess any specific skills or knowledge to benefit from Tokenpad that is, in addition, fully applicable for ICO and STO.

All that will be required from a user is to fill in a form with project-related information.

The mentioned above mechanisms have already gained popularity and adoption, which will contribute to the growth of the platform’s use cases.

Claiming button to withdraw TOZ Tokens on the Ethereum network

TOZ becomes fully accessible to users whenever they need it — within the platform or outside. For the latter, it will be enough to use our “Claim” button, and TOZ tokens will get easily withdrawn to meet the users’ needs, which perfectly corresponds to the project’s purpose.

Q2 2021

Tozex new release platform version: UI/UX

One of the main concerns of Tozex is the comfort of its users, so we never stop improving. The platform’s updated version will facilitate navigation and enable users to easily use the website without having any related background, while the visual design will make users experience the platform even more comfortably than ever.

Tozex Sidechain alpha version development, allowing free transaction fees and high TPS level on our distributed network

Tozex Sidechain alpha version development, allowing free transaction fees and high TPS level on our distributed network

Tozex Sidechain alpha version will allow reducing transaction fees to zero, opening the access to the platform to the widest range of users. A high TPS score will maximize the number of transactions made on our trading order book within the Tozex platform simultaneously without any losses in speed or quality of service provided.

New listing projects announced on Tozex

Tozex has finally made its way to being fully listing third-party projects that will be thoroughly security-checked by our experts in advance. As facilitated as the process aims to be, we tend to make sure that the assets satisfy the main criteria of the Tozex platform, which are regulatory compliance, legal compliance, security features, etc.

Q3 2021

Launch of the BRO Protocol V2

Believers Reward Offering — a crowdfunding initiative driven by Tozex — is acquiring a new protocol that will make the BRO mechanism much more secure and reliable. The new protocol has emerged as a result of the team’s work on revising and eliminating the drawbacks of the currently used model.

Tozex Multi Wallet alpha version

A BRO protocol isn’t the only thing being updated in the upcoming year! A new version of the Tozex wallet will emerge that will make keeping cryptoassets even more convenient and secure.

Q4 2021

Tozex Sidechain beta version deployed

Tozex will implement the Sidechain beta version, a top-notch instrument allowing for the interchangeability of assets and their safe storage on the blockchain. It will facilitate a broader adoption of the platform, fuel its evolution and encourage adjustment to the ever-changing environment as well as optimize the speed of transactions.

Issuance of Voting TOZ governance token on our Sidechain

The ability to vote on the most important questions regarding the system’s development via governance token will increase user engagement and cultivate a sense of belonging and community spirit. Apart from just feeling like part of the community, voters will be rewarded with TOZ for dedicating their time and effort to make the Tozex system better. Thus, holders of governance TOZ will be able to vote for the desired third-party asset to be further listed on the Tozex platform. The process of voting is simple and very much resembles a traditional process of staking defined by the amount of TOZ tokens frozen by voters via a specialized “Tozex Voting Cryptoassets” mechanism the platform offers. Voters will be able to select a range of cryptoassets to be traded on the platform each month.

The first step in voting on the Tozex platform will be to vest a particular amount of TOZ to VTOZ applicable for voting at the rate of 1:1. Technically, the voting will mean sending VTOZ tokens to the wallet address of the selected cryptoasset. After the voting is over, all used VTOZ will be burnt with new tokens being issued for the next voting. There will be a limit of VTOZ for each individual voter — 15000 VTOZ, but the figure is subject to change according to the growth of the TOZ value to prevent the emergence of voting pools.



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