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Tozex Technical Aspects. Trading Functionality & Decentralized Order Book


Tozex cryptoasset financing platform is designed to offer a beautiful interface with all the necessary security requirements to protect the funds of our users from frauds and scams as much as possible. Moreover, the front-end interface is designed to provide incredibly user-friendly navigation to let our users start utilizing the platform without any specific skills or studies, in order to facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

We believe in transparency, not only in terms of platform usage, but in terms of Tozex creation as well. Transparency of all that we do is the cornerstone of our success. That’s why we are ready to share all information regarding the technical implementation and the architecture that we have built for Tozex with our devoted believers and users. In addition, this technical info demonstrates our expertise and our vision for the next generation of cryptoasset platforms for issuing, listing and trading sustainable tokens.

Trading Functionality

Margin Trading

Tozex helps lenders and traders to maximize the trading process by proposing they open a position with up to 2x to 10x leverage. The lending amount may be provided in two ways: either the borrower places a direct order for the amount of the funds needed with the duration and rate of one’s choice, or he lets the Tozex system take out funds for the user at the most efficient rate and most opportune time once the user opens up a trading position.

The problem of unregulated margin trading means that losses can be multiplied over the initial position, putting the liquidity of the market itself in danger. However, with our liquidity mechanism, we minimize this important liquidity risk by setting up an automated trigger balance for the Tozex Reserve fund.

Multiple Currency Pairs

The platform offers a range of famous cryptoasset pairs with BTC, ETH, ETC, EOS, CS, TOZ, and DAI. This versatility makes Tozex an exclusively dedicated platform for exchange, setting a new trend for trading amongst the crypto traders.

Primary Pairs are as listed: BTC, TOZ, ETH, DAI.

Tozex Cash In/Cash Out Button

Two buttons are all it takes to convert your whole portfolio into BTC, DAI or TOZ with a single click, accelerating your market entry and exit.

Tozex Report

Our proprietary algorithms will generate a dedicated report regarding your trading activities to help you to analyze your trading history. The platform also displays a set of graphics highlighting your monthly trading activity to let you know about your own performance.

Trading Charts:

Tozex is designed to provide all the necessary tools that are used by professional traders. All the charts on the platform will be based on the Stock Charting Library provided by the famous TradingView platform.

BTC chart

Decentralized Order Book

The order book is a list of buy/sell orders for a specific trading pair, organized by price level. It lists the number of assets being bid or offered at each price point, or market depth. It’s also a matching engine to determine which orders can be fulfilled. The order book needs to handle multiple trades on multiple pairs, so it deals with:

- High speed

- Heavy load

The order book will be hosted in a smart contract that stores orders and settles all trades automatically. The blockchain hosting the smart contract has to be scalable to endorse rapid executions and loads with lower transaction fees, thus reducing the operational cost.

Blockchain scalability is a key issue to achieving mainstream adoption. Many blockchain protocols are trying to solve the scalability ‘trilemma’ problem: rapidity, decentralization and security.

There are different engineering approaches and proposals. We keep our practices up to date, and consider all options to create a decentralized order book in order to be auditable, fast, and secure as possible. The technological improvements in the blockchain industry are evolving rapidly.

The choice of the best solution for us will take place after internal tests during the development of our beta version. We’re considering making Credits and Cosmos part of our architecture, as well. In addition, our plans include for the decentralized order book, the liquidity mechanism and the deposit of user’s fund to go through a Multisignature wallet. There is currently no economic need and no justified reasons to create and maintain a centralized blockchain protocol, like Binance, for example.


In microeconomics, the price of a commodity is determined by supply and demand. The same principle works for cryptoasset economics, causing the necessary ecosystem volatility due to the lack of a performant liquidity mechanism.

We plan to develop a limited stochastic order book based on the model of “bouncing geometric Brownian motions”, which is clearly a scalable solution, when combined with blockchain technology.

This brilliant approach identifies conditions for holding price increments’ asymptotic normality, and more importantly, for introducing a set of mathematical tools for further investigations of price dynamics within more sophisticated stochastic order book models.

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