Stress Management

With all the uncertainty and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, anxiety and stress can be high. Here’s how to manage your mental health.

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3 min readAug 28, 2020


What is stress?

Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It comes from any occurrence or thought that makes us feel frustrated or nervous. This tension is our body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. To manage
stress is a war within oneself, and there are many ways to win this war.

In this “too busy for self” era, stress is playing games and meddling with one’s mind. We squeeze out time for everything but ourselves. We have forgotten to appreciate ourselves and why?

Because others don’t acknowledge us. Happiness has just become another word with all the stress, panic, anxiety and depression that dawns upon us. All of us need to learn to manage stress and lead a happier life by keeping it at bay.

Management of stress is an attainable and realistic goal that can be achieved by numerous techniques. To lead a stress-free life, we need to maintain a positive attitude towards life.

We need to accept our failures and move on to try harder for success. We need to make time for our hobbies and interests because we can be the most relaxed when we are doing something of our choice, something that we love to do. Also, we need to give our body some time for relaxation. We need to rest and sleep for proper hours.

We can try the 4 A’s for stress relief- Avoid, Alter, Accept, Adapt.

Avoid -Take control of your surroundings, avoid people who bother you, learn to say no, make your to-do list with A’s, B’s and C’s and on hectic days scratch the C’s from your list.

Alter- Communicate your feelings openly, manage your time better, state limits in advance.

Accept- Talk with someone, forgive, practice positive self-talk, learn from your mistakes.

Adapt- Stop gloomy thoughts, try looking at a situation from a new point of view, adopt a mantra like “I can handle this”, think about things that bring you joy, realize that this little thing may not matter in the

There are many other techniques like:

Physical exercise: It not only promotes overall fitness but also helps manage emotional stress and tension. It can also aid in relaxation and improve sleep.

Meditation: It is one of the most popular techniques to achieve physical and mental relaxation. There are thousands of different types of meditation, and many can be learned on our own. Yoga and Tai Chi fall in this category as well.

Spend time with yourself: Go for a walk, listen to music, spend time in nature, curl up with a good book or enjoy a coffee.

Understand that there are more reasons to be grateful than reasons to cry. You have been blessed with a beautiful life with beautiful people, appreciate it.

Written by Akansha Singh and Edited by Ananya Ghosh of The Phonetic House.