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Introducing Blokhaus.

A Marketing & Communications organization with a focus on Tezos.

“Blockhouse” [ blok-hous] noun

– “a structure near a launching site for rockets, generally made of heavily reinforced concrete, for housing and protecting personnel, electronic controls, and auxiliary apparatus before and during launching operations.”

Say hello to Blokhaus, a Marketing & Communications organization dedicated to help streamline and amplify marketing related activities for the Tezos brand and ecosystem.

Blokhaus is a spinoff of TQ Tezos, and its objective is to greatly increase awareness for Tezos through marketing campaigns, sponsorship & partnership initiatives, advertising, PR and more. The team is small, but mighty (and planning to grow quickly), and consists of seasoned professionals with a passion for blockchain (actually, we’re particularly obsessed with Tezos). Over the next few weeks we will be posting several positions for Blokhaus which we hope to fill quickly in order to support all the efforts happening within the Tezosphere.

Blokhaus will be led by Mark Soares, a marketing & communications professional who has been involved in crypto since 2015 and a committed Tezos fan since 2017 — he is joined by a group of professionals with extensive experience in Marketing, Branding, Advertising, PR/Comms, Social, Content/Email Marketing, Events/Sponsorships and more to the table and will work to align strategy, structure and approach to marketing Tezos.

“I’m excited to bring Blokhaus to life as a new entity supporting the fast growing Tezos ecosystem. I truly believe in the transformative power of blockchain and Tezos in particular. With it’s smart design, smart governance and smart contracts, it is clear that Tezos has the technology needed to succeed in the space, and I look forward to helping tell the world about it. The team at Blokhaus consists of extremely talented and passionate individuals, and we are focused on further growing it in support of Tezos and the ecosystem,” added Mark Soares, CMO & Founder, Blokhaus

In addition to scaling up internally, Blokhaus will also be scaling up external resources immediately through strategic agency relationships. To accelerate activities, Blokhaus has enlisted a world-renowned Marketing agency that will be onboarded in order to assist in key Marketing & Communications initiatives–more details will be shared shortly on this.

We look forward to building awareness of Tezos and being an active part of the Tezos ecosystem–now, back to work.

Learn more about Blokhaus at our website.



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