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2 min readMay 7, 2021

Tune in each week for the freshest mints from across the Tezos #CleanNFT ecosystem.

This week we take a look at some big drops and newcomers to the Tezos Clean NFT world! Greg Yüna and Rachel Goatley and Imran Potato kick things off, followed by some amazing animations, and we end with fine art from Henrik Aa. Uldalen. Enjoy!

When there’s nothing to lose, and there’s nothing to prove

And I’m dancing with myself, oh, oh, uh-oh

1. Dancing Laa-Laa, 2019

George Jefferson Collection — Every NFT purchase comes with a physical Potato product. Purchase all 3 to unlock the almighty Gerbil Abloh NFT

Worn, copied, and adored by the new glitterati, Imran Potato (@imran_potato) fingers the pulse of trending obsession. Potato’s palette explores iconic logos and popular culture references to create works that are simultaneously reverent and dismissive. Defining Pop Art for the new digital era, his first Truesy collection examines NFT’s themselves as a cultural signpost. Collectors who own all 3 NFTs from this collection will be awarded a 4th NFT that will unlock future, exclusive physical merchandise drops from Imran Potato. Check out their TRUESY gallery.

2. Loaf of love


@artvoodu is an artist from Russia who loves making games. They are interested in creating the overall feeling of the game that includes art style and core gameplay. Check out their hic et nunc gallery.

3. Goated: Die Ideale

From the collection: GOATED MASTERPIECES VOL. 1

A recreation of Die Ideale by Piet Mondrian painted with brush strokes of gemstones and precious metals. The work comprises various iconic jewelry styles and pieces from diamond tennis chains, loose gemstones, timepieces and rope chains among numerous others. The work was assembled and designed by artist Rachel Goatley (@rachllll) in partnership with Greg Yüna (@gregyuna) who crafted and designed the jewelry pieces used. Check out their TRUESY gallery.

4. Going for a Walk

The Forest

Pierre Plouz (@pplouz) is a 3D animator passionate about art in the digital space. Check out their hic et nunc gallery.

5. I am okay

A painterly exploration of emotional physique.

@OriginalGoldCat is a professional fine artist from Germany. Dark paintings, Green NFTs. Check out their hic et nunc gallery.

6. Solace

Oil painting from my exhibition ‘Metanoia’ in JD Malat Gallery, London, 2018

Henrik Aa. Uldalen (@henrikaau) is a Norwegian oil painter. Uldalen is a self-taught artist whose work includes classic figurative painting. Check out their hic et nunc gallery.

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Join us next week to check out more artists and creators minting on Tezos, the best place to discover the latest minty fresh clean NFTs.



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