MINTY FRESH — Edition 5

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2 min readJun 4, 2021

Tune in each week for the freshest mints from across the Tezos #CleanNFT ecosystem.

The NFT art community on Tezos comes in all shapes, sizes, and identities. This week we spotlight the works from members of the Diverse NFT Artists community and art that celebrates Pride Month.

Don’t hide yourself in regret

Just love yourself and you’re set

I’m on the right track, baby

I was born this way

1. Pride Month 2021

From artist Alex Radomski

Alex Radomski creates generative algorithmic art. Pride Month 2021 creatively represents the many flags representing the LGBTQIA+ community. See their full Hic et Nunc gallery.

2. Proud

Experiment made with Processing for Pride Month.

Fracto works with photography, creative coding, and projective mapping. They created a new Hic et Nunc gallery with work that celebrates pride month in their unique, experimental creative style. Check out their photography-focused Hic et Nunc gallery here.

3. Shantell Martin’s #The Fen Drop

Jersey City-based Visual Artist known for her exploration into the vast potential of the drawn line.

Artist Shantell Martin’s collaboration with photographer Theo Coulombe showcases Shantell’s creativity using ink and marker. Check out the latest #TheFen drop.

4. Sticky Hand

Squishy alien that is part sticky hand. Created in 3D, sound designed in VR.

From Angelo Creates, an artist merging photography and 3D renders/animation. Check out their Hic et Nunc gallery.

5. Burn

BURN is an album of seven songs by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Irish composer Jules Maxwell (Fragments from The Cross). This interactive piece was created by @1x1_NFT. All audio content and original artwork ©2021 Atlantic Curve.

Check out the interactive album created by 1x1 on Hic et Nunc here.

6. Celebrate Pride

In celebration of Pride Month. The images used to create this piece were taken at the 2019 Pride Parade in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. The somewhat unattractive street was brightened and made considerably more attractive by the colourful parade.

Check out Linda Ryma’s work on Kalamint here.

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Join us next week to check out more artists and creators minting on Tezos, the best place to discover the latest minty fresh clean NFTs.



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