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MINTY FRESH — Edition 8

Tune in each week for the freshest mints from across the Tezos #CleanNFT ecosystem.

This week’s secret word is “nature.” We’re highlighting some of the latest mints on Hic et Nunc, Kalamint, TRUESY, and Snark.art that creatively relay the natural wonders of our world. It’s too hot to go outside, anyway.

And daddy won’t you take me back to Muhlenberg County

Down by the Green River where Paradise lay

1. DiverseNFTArt Patron Stamp Collection

From artist Marissa Noana

A series of NFT stamps that support the DiverseNFTArt Fund. The worlds of NFTs and philately come together. Explore Marissa’s Hic et Nunc gallery.

2. Welcome to Miami

One of the latest TRUESY drops from artist Alex Mijares

“So if you asked me, what makes Miami, ‘Miami?’ It’s the Miami skyline. It’s the palm trees that line the streets. It’s the boats parked on the dock. It’s the lifeguard towers spread along the beaches. It’s the ocean’s waves. And it’s the weather. The bipolar weather represented in the woman carrying an umbrella. First it’s sunny, then it rains, then it’s sunny again.” — Alex Mijares. Check out his TRUESY drop here.

3. The Zen of Wind

The perception of reality wholly depends on the eye that is observing, and the openness of the mind that powers it

Check out the first Kalamint collection from artist bodhizai.

4. Menhir

From Environment Concept Artist Amir

A limited-edition landscape painting from artist Amir. Check out the rest of their Kalamint collection.

5. Dahlia Bloom

From NFT art creator/collector ChristopherAdam

See the first edition of this piece of art, and check out the rest of ChristopherAdam’s NFT body of work on Kalamint.

6. Plastic in Paradise

From artist Iyvone Khoo, curated by Snark.art

A clean NFT drop on Snark.art to support the Seed.World Foundation on World Oceans Day. Check out the latest drops on Snark.art here.

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Join us next week to check out more artists and creators minting on Tezos, the best place to discover the latest minty fresh clean NFTs.



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