TQuorum update: more locations and new content

TQ Tezos
TQ Tezos
May 28 · 2 min read

A core element of TQ’s mission is to drive Tezos adoption around the globe. We organized the TQuorum event series to bring some of the most dynamic minds in the Tezos ecosystem together and to make their ideas accessible to as many people as possible.

Our inaugural TQuorum conference in Paris last month brought together Tezos community members from around the world for talks and discussions around exciting projects and developments in the ecosystem.

Keynote by Arthur Breitman at TQuorum: Paris

TQuorum is growing

Paris was just the beginning. TQuorum is a vehicle to showcase the best and brightest of the Tezos community, and in the service of our mission to drive Tezos adoption, we’re committed to bringing TQuorum to more cities worldwide. In partnership with Tezos supporters and entities from around the world, we’re working on planning more day-long regional TQuorum events in more countries as we get closer to the TQuorum Global Summit in September.

New location added

Because we want to make the Tezos ecosystem accessible for our community around the world, we’re very excited to announce that we will be hosting TQuorum: Berlin this upcoming August. Subscribe for events updates from the TQ website to make sure you get the official save the date and invitation (coming soon).

New content

Whether you couldn’t make it to Paris or want to revisit one of your favorite presentations, you can now find videos from the event on our new YouTube channel. The first three videos include a talk from Nomadic Labs, a presentation on Morley syntax, and discussions around what the promises and challenges of blockchain adoption. Videos of the rest of the presentations will be uploaded throughout this week.

TQ President Alison Mangiero moderating a panel at TQuorum: Paris with Marco Stronati, Jacob Arluck, and Adrian Brink

TQ Tezos

TQ Tezos works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by helping companies build on Tezos, creating open source software, and connecting the community.

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