Truffle Suite to Integrate Tezos

TQ Tezos
TQ Tezos
Aug 2, 2019 · 2 min read

As part of Truffle’s overall effort to help standardize blockchain tooling for developers and enterprises, Truffle is integrating Tezos and receiving a grant from the Tezos Foundation.

Truffle suite website

Today, TQ Tezos is proud to announce its work with Truffle Suite, a world class development environment, to help developers more easily build on Tezos. Truffle allows developers to compile, deploy, and test smart contracts and decentralized applications all in one environment. Prior to this collaboration, the Truffle Suite of blockchain tools was only available to developers building on Ethereum.

The collaboration, which will broaden Truffle’s scope by integrating Truffle tools with Tezos protocols and languages, will make developing Tezos applications easier by lowering the barrier to entry and providing Tezos developers with a set of industry-leading tools in one accessible location.

Truffle Suite is designed to manage blockchain developers’ entire workflow, from smart contract development to front-end applications. Launched in 2015 within ConsenSys, Truffle is one of the most popular sets of developer tools in the Ethereum ecosystem based on GitHub stars, earning over three million downloads across all tools in the suite. While Truffle currently supports multiple high-level languages, Tezos is the first public, non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contract platform to be supported in its suite of tools.

Truffle plans to extend its existing features by adding support for Tezos smart contract languages and networks (Mainnet, Alphanet, and Zeronet). It will offer developers an environment for contract compilation, automated test validation, and application deployment.

As part of the integration, Truffle will support Tezos through:

  • Built-in support for Tezos networks (mainnet and test networks)
  • Support for Michelson, LIGO, and SmartPy smart contract languages
  • Automated testing framework
  • Tezos-specific documentation and tutorials

TQ Tezos

TQ Tezos works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by helping…

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