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Understanding the World’s First Craft Beer NFT for the Metaverse

99 Beer Bottles Specially Packaged as NFTs launched by Trace Network Labs in collaboration with 7 Bridges Brewing Company

In another article published today, Trace Network Labs has announced its partnership with 7 Bridges Brewing Company, Vietnam to exclusively launch the World’s First Limited Edition Tokenized Craft Beer — \iNFTy.

This particular article will detail out the features of the NFT along with the process of the auction on Bling NFT Marketplace.

About the NFT

The \iNFTy craft beer NFT aims to be an experiential product that will tap into the users loyalty, curiosity, positive emotions and hunger for next level experiences, as well as, the need for traceability and authentication of their unique brews on a global platform.

  • There will only be 99 publicly released NFTs, each of which will be released as a countdown from 99 to 1 in the first round of auction.
  • The NFT comprises unique 3D artwork that will be placed on the Bling marketplace as a non-fungible token and open for global auctions.
  • Each NFT artwork is numbered, unique and captures the deeper meanings of its numeral, taking from science, history, pop culture and mysticism.
  • Each NFT has a counterpart physical bottle cellared in the real world.
  • These special and unique artwork labels will be pasted on the beer bottle packs that have been specially brewed for the \iNFTy project.
  • Only 110 physical bottles exist, 99 NFTs and 11 brewer’s reserve.
  • The company will only release 99 units of 500ml bottles of this brew over a short period
  • There will be a reverse count down from 99 to 1 as and when it is released
  • The winning bidder of the NFT can later claim the reverse avatar of the NFT from 7 Bridges by visiting the brewery or arranging shipping.
  • The NFT is transferable and tradable like any other ERC token.
  • The NFT can also be taken to the metaverse of the user’s choice as a wearable/consumable item for the metaverse.

Brewing the NFT on Bling

Here is how this will work on Bling and thereafter:

  • The NFT launch and auction will begin and end on specific dates which will be intimate over our social media channels.
  • Users will need to connect to their crypto wallets on Bling to place a bid for the NFT
  • A user can place any number of bids on the NFTs that will be auctioned for a limited timespan — details on this will be intimated to the users.
  • Once a customer wins a bid, a claim process will follow where the \iNFTy NFT will be transferred to the customer’s wallet.
  • The customer will be connected to 7 Bridges to later claim the corresponding physical product at the claimant’s cost.
  • The auction winner’s bottle of \iNFTy will be carefully stored in a cellar at 7 Bridges (akin to a fine wine) and can be claimed by the winner until 29 February 2024*.

(*conditions apply)

About 7 Bridges

Launched from a garage in April 2017, 7 Bridges is rapidly growing into one of the most iconic brands in SE Asia. They keep winning international acclaim making them the most award-winning brewery in SE Asia in 2019 and 2020.

7 Bridges is Asia’s first IMPACT brewery having gone further than any other regional brewery in our social outreach and environmental action, as well as creating Asia’s first fully ZERO waste brewery. No brewing waste leaves our brewery — not even a drop of wastewater.

7 Bridges seeks to be the FIRST to tokenize beer.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | ZERO waste brewing

About the NFT Beer

The \iNFTy beer is a limited edition artwork coupled with an infinitely deep, dark and complex Grand Cru Ale where hints of Vietnamese cacao tease the palate with lingering flavors of brandied raisins and caramelized plums. 12% ABV, 35 IBU. This recipe will never be brewed again. The recipe has been burned, literally.

The brewer’s tasting of his reserve bottle 110 may be viewed here.

7 Bridges Brewing Co. NFT Beer tasting

About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network is a completely decentralized protocol for enabling lifestyle for any multichain metaverse. We are building a technology platform that will enable lifestyle brands to launch multichain & multiverse products for the ‘digital twin’ a.k.a. Avatars of the user / resident of a metaverse. Trace Network Labs wants to help empower our digital selves to roam freely between the world as we know it and the metaverse with its foundation constructed around us, enabling the next evolution of the luxury lifestyle as the boundaries between real and virtual continue to blur. We aim to be the de-facto gateway for lifestyle brands, businesses, projects & consumers alike to enter into ANY metaverse.

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Announcements

About Bling

The 1st Limited Edition Luxury & Lifestyle Products NFT Marketplace brought to you by Trace Network Labs powered by Polygon (Previously Matic). Currently, NFTs around the world only have a digital connotation, which means you can only own a piece of digital art that has been tokenized on a blockchain. This brand new NFT marketplace from Trace Network, will act as a bridge between real-world goods and virtual non-fungible tokens that have been created specifically to represent a unique piece of that limited edition luxury lifestyle product.

To learn more about $TRACE and Trace Network, please go through our other articles on this publication.

To stay tuned for more news & updates join our official group and announcement channel on Telegram. You can also follow us on Twitter.




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