Being a professional mobile developer is not an easy job

January crash reports

There are various phone manufacturers, operation systems, user settings and moreover, there are numerous Android OS versions. The pressure put on developers is huge, because their applications have to run smoothly and seamlessly on every device. This is not an easy task, right?

However, the situation is significantly different, if you obtain information about all bugs and if you are able to identify and remove them subsequently. Is there a simple way to collect bug reports from devices from all over the world, without having to pay for expensive testers?

Take a look on the volume of reported bugs for January 2017, which were collected from 655 active applications that use the Tracepot monitoring system. On the average, one active application has reported more than 600 crash reports per month. This number is way too high, if you want to remain competitive. If you have not heard about Tracepot, then now is the perfect time to give it a try.

This article was originally published on the Marketing Support blog.