Introducing: Crash notifications, integrations and your profile

We are glad to announce that Tracepot has a new update with some useful features.

E-mail notifications

From now on, e-mail notifications are sent when a new error occurs and you are also going to be notified, when a new application is added to your group. This feature enables you to take immediate action and start working on your updates and fixes without any further delay.

Notifications sent to your messenger


The Hall, Slack and HipChat messengers have been integrated into Tracepot, so the notifications mentioned above can be also sent directly to your messenger.

User profile

You can easily turn off/on the notifications for each application separately in your account settings, where you can also change your name, company and your password.

We hope that you are going enjoy the introduced changes which will help to increase your work efficiency.

We are looking forward to your feedback.