Welcome ProGuard in our list of features

Last week we have released support for automatic stack-trace de-obfuscation using ProGuard’s retrace.

You have two options now to upload your mapping file to the Tracepot:

  1. Manual upload
    Read more about how to upload mapping file directly to the Tracepot.
  2. Automatic upload
    Read more about using our Tracepot Gradle Plugin to automatically upload proguard mapping file, application name and icon after each build.

Watch a relevant crash reports during your development

We also improved how we handle crashes for release and debug versions of your application.

In addition to sending custom parameter called “TRACEPOT_DEVELOP_MODE” you can now use applicationIdSuffix ‘.debug’ option for your debug build in Android Studio.

All crashes from application id ending with .debug will be marked as debug crashes and the .debug part will be stripped out of the application id.

Enjoy our new features and Happy New Year 2015!