Introducing our latest partner — Snap Innovations

Ng Yi Ting Evelyn
Jun 8, 2018 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Snap Innovations! It seeks to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules to different components of Traceto’s robust KYC process. Additionally, SnapBots, the decentralized artificial intelligence project by Snap Innovations, would potentially engage Traceto for KYC services to deepen the collaborative partnership.

Snap Innovations is an organization that primarily focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain technologies. Through this partnership, companies like Snap Innovations can assure that they are operating under the highest industry standards of KYC compliance, which will keep them on track with their vision of being a prestige partner in the finance trading industry.

Snap Innovations does not only enhance the diversity of’s ever-growing network/ecosystem, it will also expand regulatory inclusion for the Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain focussed platforms.

Moreover, such partnership will also serve to create a perpetual ecosystem growth for the seamless integration of information and execution details on a need-to-know or customised basis, depending on users’ needs.

“As more blockchain businesses such as Snap Innovations, little Phil, Cobo Wallet, Midas Protocol, One Block Capital, Coinstreet Partners, Synco, Bitscreener, Kryptono Network,, GBX and Kyber Network embrace our innovative KYC processes, the crypto community will stay ahead of regulations easily with an ease of mind” said Chye Kit Chionh, Founder and CEO of

Together, we revolutionize complex compliance procedures into a breeze for crypto adopters and investors through the power of Network — a truly decentralised KYC experience. Through the power of Network, we usher into an era of greater regulatory inclusion.

About Snap Innovations

SNAP Innovations Pte Ltd is an Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Financial Trading & Technology Solutions company. Snap focuses on areas of Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain, where they aim to be always at the forefront of technologies and seek to break new grounds all the time. Established in 2011 based on the early research work in Snap Decision Making Model, they extended their work on AI to various areas of Fintech and Blockchain. In terms of coverage, Snap expanded from their head office in Singapore to many international offices.


About is a decentralised Know Your Customer (KYC) network that provides an inclusive KYC solution to cryptocurrency and blockchain product companies by fusing Smart Contract and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Leveraging on over 5 decades of experience in Compliance and RegTech,’s vision is to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world KYC processes.


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