My Favourite Wines

A list of my current favourite wines.

With 2016 now comfortably in our rearviewmirror and the horror of a Donald Trump Presidency now squarely upon us all, I thought it would be fun to sit back and write down a list of my favourite wines. This has been done entirely for my benefit as I selfishly just wanted to see what they were, but since I have this food website and all, I figured why not publish this list as well.

Since most of you enjoy drinking wine (if you don’t, then give your head a shake) this list might be just for you. Below are the wines in which I’ve come to love and adore over the past few months and years. They all tend to have a striking similar style and profile and they’re ability to capture my palate each and every time I drink them goes without saying. Most hover in $30 — $50 price range.

The wines are: (in no particular order)

Next to each wine, I’ve posted where you can find them here in Vancouver.
  1. Domaine des Baumard ‘Clos du Papillon’ Savennieres — Loire Valley, France (If you drink Chardonnay, try this.) * Found at Liberty Wine Stores
  2. Krug ‘Grande Cuvee” Champagne — Champagne, France (If you know me at all, my love and affinity for Krug should already be well documented in your brain. If it’s fancy champagne you’re after, always reach for this as it’s better than Dom and Cristal) * Found at most BC Liquor Stores
  3. Lucien Crochet Cuvée Prestige Sancerre Rouge — Loire Valley, France (Sancerre Rouge? Yup, it exists. This is Pinot Noir and it’s fantastic) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
  4. Felton Road ‘Block 5’ Pinot Noir — Central Otago, New Zealand (A bit more pricey, but worth it nonetheless. Some of the best Pinot Noir outside of France for sure) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
  5. Bernard Baudry ‘Les Granges’ Chinon — Loire Valley, France (My go to wine for sure. I drink this often and it’s a great wine if you love Cabernet Sauvignon. This is Cabernet Franc, its lighter parent.) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
  6. Fleurie ‘Jean Foillard’ Beaujolais — Burgundy, France (An elegant Gamay made by one of the best. Tonnes of finesse here. An excellent substitute if you’re looking for a Pinot Noir) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
  7. Chateau D’arlay Cuvee ‘Corail’ — Jura, France (Located in a region just outside of Burgundy. Plenty of fruit flavour and depth to enjoy here. Absolutely delicious) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
  8. Williams Selyem ‘Sonoma Coast’ Pinot Noir — Sonoma, California (Tried this last summer in Sonoma, blew me away at how delicious it was. Might be hard to find in Vancouver though.)
  9. Kumeu River ‘Mate Vineyard’ Chardonnay — Marlborough, New Zealand (My favourite Chardonnay outside of Burgundy. This is delicious and very well rounded.) * Found at Legacy Liquor Store
  10. Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc — Napa, California (Visited this winery last summer and was surprised at how bright and well rounded this Sauvignon was. It has a nice lemon meringue flavour on the palate you can’t miss) * Found at Kits Wine Cellar
I’ll be posting a new and updated list of my favourite wines every 3 months. Come back in April to see what’ll be on my list then.
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