Friday Links: Product

Cody Cowan
Apr 7, 2017 · 1 min read

This week is all about big things — big problems, big idea, etc — brought to you by the Postlight product team.

  1. Want to know what the teens are into? This might not be your best guide, but its what Google thinks teens are into. (via Matt Quintanilla and Skyler Balbus)
  2. Twitter killed off the egg, we shed a tear, and moved on because oh boy does it have bigger problems than that. (via yours truly)
  3. Turn anything — a whole room, a clock, a wall, a plant — into a screen with this nifty little device that sits on top of your projector. “This could be amazing”. (via Maxim Siebert)
  4. ORGANS ON A CHIP, need we say more? (via Skyler Balbus)
  5. Borrowing slightly from my design and engineering colleagues, but Sketch released a new file format that will enable people to make amazing things, even faster. Check out what people have already been doing, and imagine what’s possible. (via Matt Quintanilla, Darrell Hanley, Nick Beattie, and Silas Burton)

Cody Cowan

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Director of Growth & Partnerships, Postlight

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