Friday Links: Product Edition

Cody Cowan
May 26, 2017 · 1 min read
Imagine trying to use Slack with this thing?

All of the products we’ve been talking about at Postlight.

  1. We have lots of thoughts about Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Apple News (have you heard about Mercury), so it was nice to see that Facebook is going to make its homegrown format compatible with the other standards. (via Ari Shapell)
  2. A brand new (and great looking) version of Things. The video is great, but being able to drag the Floating Action Button “is pretty inventive”. At $40, its expensive, but its nice to see people paying for hard work, so bravo to the Things team. (via Jeremy Mack)
  3. Github has two big announcements — Git/Github support in Atom, and a new desktop client. (via Matt Quintanilla)
  4. AgileBits (the team behind 1Password) saw the problems that people traveling abroad were having when it came to personal device security, so they made a travel mode that automatically removes all but your most necessary login info from your device while traveling. (via Cody Cowan)
  5. Another cool Github feature we didn’t know about — you can add a Code of Conduct directly to your OSS project. Our very own Zak Golba and the lux community set up their own CoC using this. (via Skyler Balbus)

Cody Cowan

Written by

Director of Growth & Partnerships, Postlight

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