Friday Links: Product Edition

Cody Cowan
Mar 17, 2017 · 1 min read
In tech it is apparently frowned upon to have fewer than 2 monitors, 2 phones, and 1 cup of coffee

Happy Friday! Here’s what new and exciting in the eyes of the Postlight product team.

  1. An iPhone case that puts an android on the back of your iPhone. Described internally as both “insane” and “brilliant.” We haven’t all backed this Kickstarter yet, but it sounds like many of us will. (via Matt Quintanilla)
  2. We’re still reacting to the news from Google that Hangouts is getting a major upgrade to take on Slack. Some of us are still bitter about the original change from Gchat to Hangouts, so we’re taking this “upgrade” talk with a giant grain of salt. (via Chris LoSacco)
  3. A collection of analogies for tech terms, Sideways Dictionary is helping us explain what we do to all of our non-technical friends and family. (via Skyler Balbus)
  4. Still using Evernote and looking for a less-bloated, more focused, beautifully designed note taking app? Give Bear a look. (via Maxim Siebert)
  5. The latest in slightly-creepy-always-listening home assistant news, Google Home is playing ads for Beauty and the Beast inside some users daily update. On the plus side, this news introduced us to the wonderful Bot-ston, so maybe it was worth it? (via Matt Quintanilla and Skyler Balbus)

Cody Cowan

Written by

Director of Growth & Partnerships, Postlight

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