Matt Quintanilla Named Postlight Partner

We’re pleased to announce that Matt Quintanilla has been named a Partner at Postlight.

Matt has been a critical member of the Postlight team since day one. I’ve personally worked with Matt for years prior to Postlight, and he’s always been a force championing design. He started as a coding designer and grew into a leader of product teams for our clients. Whatever he was working on, he always brought a passion for solving design problems both thoughtfully and tactically. He cares deeply about the work and can’t fathom the notion of not doing it right. Don’t expect Matt to simply accept a set of tasks to implement; he’s going to push back with thoughtful questions to make sure we’re building the right thing for the right reasons and come back with a plan how to ship it.

Matt Quintanilla

As Director of Design at Postlight, Matt brings that same philosophy about design to the way he approaches leadership. He has cultivated and supported a diverse team of designers, empowering each individual to defend and protect their design process while also building the right thing for our clients. He positions product strategy as the first-class citizen it is, allowing Postlight to be a truly design-led product studio. And he does all this by applying the same care and empathy that he puts into his design work toward the design team.

The design work at Postlight today speaks for itself. With Matt’s stewardship, Postlight has evolved into a unique breed of product studio, bringing together strategic thinking and best-in-breed engineering to deliver the highest quality technology platforms and products.

We couldn’t be happier to have Matt join the leadership team at Postlight. With his commitment to growing our team and culture, we look forward to continuing to elevate Postlight’s profile as a leader in design.

Matt previously was a product designer at Beatport and Disrupto, an exhibits designer at the Science Museum of Minneapolis, and a newspaper designer at the Star Tribune. He can be found on Twitter at @redkeg and writes for Track Changes.

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