How mobile apps helps to improve the sales.

Nowadays, when someone discusses a common problem, the first comment we hear is “there is an app for that”. According to the latest statistics(March 2017) by statistica, there are 2.8 million apps in Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple App Store.

We all know the need of improvising sales team productivity in a company. But how? That is the question. Well, there are so many proven ways suggested by industry experts. That includes:-

  • Focus on providing sales people with better data
  • Investing in a quality data source
  • Keeping track of their day to day performance
  • Monitoring their targets and achievements
  • Analysing reports

With the spreadsheets, paper checklists, diaries etc we can do this in the way we followed. But think, how hard it is to do all these paperwork or sitting in front of spreadsheets to sort out data and analyze each one individually? Why waste time on all these old stuff? Let’s focus on improving sales productivity and let the software to do all the back end works.

Introducing Trackfly. A solution to manage your sales team. With Trackfly, you can easily manage your sales team on the fly.

Trackfly for the salesman is the application used by salesmen to manage their daily appointments. The application has an intuitive user interface which is very simple to use. Most of the functionalities are available within one screen, so that salesman can easily navigate to various sections of the application.

With the help of Trackfly for the manager and web dashboard, we can easily get all the required reports in real-time. Trackfly apps are now available on Android and iOS. Get your copy today itself.

Trackfly | Track your sales team on the fly

Thanks to Nikhildas C L