Better Insights and Reporting

Get instant answers to the questions you ask yourself everyday to move your projects forward.

We have two powerful tools that compliment each other to provide you with the analytics you need to keep your team motivated and productive: Insights and Custom Reports. It’s not just about collecting time entries, but exploring and analyzing all your collected time data in an intuitive manner. The ultimate goal is to get a better understanding of your business and thus make well-informed decisions moving forward.

In case you missed it, here’re the latest updates for Insights and Custom Reports.


Insights is a smart selection of charts that allows you to see how your work day is distributed across different team members, projects, customers and services. Insights are automatically shown in the Activity section to give you an overview of your daily time allocation. In the Reports section, this feature helps you instantly visualize the report you’re creating.


Export your custom reports

Ever since we released Custom Reports a lot you asked us: Why can’t I export them? Well, now you can. TrackingTime PRO allows you to export your custom reports both in CSV and PDF format.

Edit time entries from your timesheets

Also available now: Delete and edit your time entries directly from your Timesheets. You no longer need to go to the activity or calendar section to edit your timesheet entries. Just click on the entry you want to edit and a pop-up will appear where you can edit all the details.

P.S.: To stay up to date with what’s new on TrackingTime visit the link to Products Updates on your app.

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