TrackingTime Button Updates

Check your recent activity, start tracking any of your current tasks and more.

The TrackingTime Button for Chrome is one of our favorite new features. And it keeps getting better and better. We now support more than 20 online services and added some nice-to-have features that will make your user experience even better.

Seamless Integration

The TrackingTime Button for Chrome allows you to track time right within your favorite productivity apps. Once you’ve installed the extension, a tracking button will magically appear next to your tasks in Asana, Wunderlist, Basecamp, Trello, Todoist and many to-do apps. You and your team can now also track your time in Gmail, ZenDesk, Smartsheet and more. Check out all available integrations.

Track your tasks without levaing Basecamp. This also work with Asana, Trello, Todoist and more than 20 popular services you love and use every day.

Great Nice-to-Have’s

We’ve added a couple of small, but helpful features that makes the extension even more useful in your day to day work.

  • Check your recent activity and start tracking any of your current tasks
  • Customize which apps should display the TrackingTime Button
  • Rate us! and provide your feedback
  • Access your dashboard and go to your Tasks directly from the TrackingTime Button

Download the TrackingTime Button from the Chrome Web Store.

P.S.: Stay up to date with what’s new on TrackingTime. Just select “Product Updates” from the app menu and discover all new features and improvements.

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