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A Breakthrough Solution for Increasing Hospital Operational Efficiency

Tracworx® is a real-time, patient tracking system that drives hospital efficiencies, resulting in excellent care throughout the entire patient journey.

Fionn Barron
Jun 19, 2019 · 3 min read
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Tracworx Data Analytics Platform

80% of hospitals worldwide (link) still record the times that patients are spending in each stage of their care using, error-prone manual data-entry systems. This data is critical for hospital management, as it forms the basis of all reporting, planning, and scheduling in hospitals.

The ability of hospitals to effect critical changes is crippled, as they lack the information to identify and quantify bottle-necks in their workflows.

The NHS and it’s rectifiable hospital inefficiencies

The scale of the problem is perhaps best summarised by Deloitte in its report on the efficiency of the NHS, which estimated that an additional 290,000 operations could have been performed over a two month period were it not for late starts, early finishes, and delays between procedures. Rectifying these issues alone would yield a 16.8% increase in the total number of procedures conducted.

At the core of solving this problem is accurate, reliable, real-time data, informing hospital management of how their hospital is performing, and state-of-the-art scheduling tools allowing hospitals to conduct predictive analytics and accurate scheduling. This is exactly where Tracworx steps in.

A real-time location system for improving patient flow

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Tracworx Patient Device

Tracworx is an automated patient-tracking system that passively records the time spent by patients in each stage of care, for example, the time spent in recovery, without the need for any inputs from staff. Patients wear an unobtrusive device, worn on the patient’s wrist, which tracks their location using the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network alone.

This data is then sent back to the cloud where it is automatically analysed. This provides a series of benefits as hospitals are able to locate patients in real time and all key performance indicator reports are generated automatically. Most important is that they now have a reliable data set, free from human error, that hospitals can use to conduct accurate predictive models and simulations that can improve their scheduling and planning.

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Tracworx Data Analytics Platform

Why Tracworx over alternative patient tracking systems?

When examining the other options for patient tracking, hospitals are presented with a choice between RFID, Bluetooth or Ultra Wide Band systems, each of which involves the installation of tens or hundreds of physical scanners throughout the hospital complex. These systems are expensive and time-consuming to install, are intensely disruptive to the day-to-day operation of the hospital during the installation process, and are therefore unfeasible for most hospitals.

Reduce costs. Save time.

The breakthrough of the Tracworx system has been that it is the first truly Wi-Fi-based system on the market which is capable of accurately pinpointing patient location using a hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network, avoiding the need to install and maintain additional, expensive infrastructure. This brings the cost of an average installation down, making the technology accessible to all hospitals who previously would have been unable to afford the prohibitively high costs commanded by competing systems.

At Tracworx, we firmly believe that our product has the capability to transform the quality and efficiency of care received by patients, while also delivering millions in savings to hospitals, not just in Ireland but across the world.

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Tracworx® is a real-time, patient tracking system that…

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