3rd Anniversary of Ethereum

Last week there was a small but significant milestone in the crypto world: Monday saw the third anniversary of the launch of Ethereum, the smart contract network that changed the game in the crypto space and promises to deliver on the technology’s revolutionary potential.

The smart-contract network has enabling a surge of development and innovation in the blockchain world, with the introduction of the ICO token sale in particular facilitating the development and

Today, over 1700 projects are building on Ethereum, creating dapps — decentralized applications — that promise to revolutionise the modern economy.

Dapps can be cheaper, more efficient, and more secure than the centralized systems that are dominant today. Decentralized systems streamline processes, allowing information to flow more freely and efficiently. Alongside this, with no central database storage the remove the possibility of a single point of failure, often a target for hackers.

TradeConnect, the blockchain trading platform opening financial markets to a global audience, is just one of these projects building on Ethereum.

While we have been busy finalising our token sale and overseeing the TCO minting process it’s easy to forget the bigger picture we’re working towards.

Events such as Ethereum’s three year anniversary serve as a reminder of just how far we’ve come as a community, and how every day we’re getting closer to mainstream adoption and transforming the world.

From all of us at ThinkCoin, here’s to the developers, projects, and cryptocurrency communities working together for a brighter future -thank you!