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Date: 19/7/2019
System: BETA v1.0
Platforms: Mobile — iOS
Blockchain: Testnet Bitcoin & Ethereum

We are excited to announce that we are now one step closer to our Exchange listing. Our BETA v1.0 (!!) is now live and ready to get tested by our investors and community. Bear in mind there will be more changes going forward, hence v1.0. We cannot express enough how thrilled we are to have you all with us on this journey that is about to enter a new, exciting chapter.

The TradeConnect BETA v1.0 has been released on the Bitcoin and Ethereum Testnets. Initial users will now be able to:

  • Open a Test Account
  • Receive an Automatic Deposit with Test BTC or Test ETH to a unique wallet address
  • Use Crypto based Margin to trade a range of OTC Markets
  • Receive Leverage on available products up to 200:1
  • View 5 levels of Market Depth via the Trading View
  • Execute trades in a Price Discovery / Order Book Environment.

While test Bitcoin and test Ethereum tokens do not represent real value and cannot be redeemed for cash, they do accurately track live market prices and operate on the Testnet using the same methods as their respective live blockchains. Pending BETA Features the following items are still under development but are targeted to be completed in the next few

  • Trading with TCO based accounts.
  • Full Settlement of trading Profit / Loss or fees to user wallets.

Updates Features

  • Trading functionality improvements
  • Implemented Wallets functionality
  • Account Wallet section is updated
  • Added trade entry from the book levels
  • Improved book presentation

Excluded Features
More advanced features of the TradeConnect system including Fee Rebates and Monthly Staking contracts will be available as part of the live version release to overcome limitations of developing these components on the Testnet.

To join the TradeConnect BETA, you can request a link through or get in touch on Telegram. After receiving the link, install the TestFlight app and then open the link through your iPhone or iPad.

Any feedback is welcomed — kindly send to

Best regards,
TradeConnect Team


TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.


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A revolutionary digital trading token that will power TradeConnect, a forthcoming blockchain-based multi-asset trading network


TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.

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