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Apr 20, 2018 · 2 min read

TradeConnect’s connect fee model has many advantages, improving liquidity and directly rewarding and encouraging market participation — but how exactly does it work?

To understand we have to compare our system to traditional exchanges. Usually, every broker charges a fixed commission, and this levy has little or no relationship to an individual transaction and is hardly ever in the interests of traders. The broker or exchange pockets the commission, and don’t expect to be questioned.

At ThinkCoin we’ve re-imagined how fees can work not for private benefit, but for the benefit of both individuals those who use our platform and the TradeConnect community itself.

The Connect Fee, paid in TCO, is added to each trade on the network and then directed into three pools.

Twenty-five percent of the fees raised are allocated to go directly to maintenance of the network.

Then, the remaining seventy-five percent of gathered fees go straight back to users of the network. Makers — traders who add new orders to the trading book and provide liquidity, receive fifty percent, while takers, who settle an order already listed on the order book receive twenty-five percent.

The Maker and Taker pools are distributed each day, with traders receiving an amount proportional to their share of the daily trading activity.

By incentivizing traders to be market makers and highly active traders, the TradeConnect network is expected to experience high levels of liquidity from day one — solving a problem that has bedevilled new trading platforms.

This benefit will likely be heightened by the fast-settlement of trades by the hybrid on/off chain system, establishing TradeConnect as one of the only platforms able to keep up with the fast paced of the cryptocurrency world.

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TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.


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A revolutionary digital trading token that will power TradeConnect, a forthcoming blockchain-based multi-asset trading network


TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.

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