Dear Investors and Stakeholders,

As always, we want to thank you all for your patience and support throughout our developing process.

We are getting close to the launch of the final beta, which means we are one step closer to exchange and going live. Please find attached the latest update below:

  1. Matching Engine

The bulk of the work was in the matching engine. This engine allows to bridge the gap between fiat trading to crypto by creating a central limit order book from external market makers and our internal order flow. We would have been completed with this earlier, but we had some technical and resource challenges from a few consultants we were working closely with, so we had to find another way. Now that this core engine is complete, we are now ready to offer a order book on crypto and margin products under one account.

2. UI

The team has been carefully planning changes in the app on the UI for the Market Depth, BitGo wallet Integration and the entire post trade transactions flow, including creation of our testnet. Please see attached UI’s of the product, as you can see in new release you will be able to move your major cryptos into you wallet.

3. Liquidity

We have secured liquidity from external market participants to initially provide a order book for the major cryptos until our internal order book becomes bigger.

Exchange Planning and Beta

We appreciate that everyone is eager for the exchange launch, however our current priority is to aim to complete the BETA in of June before we move on to the exchange process. Stay tuned for updates on this matter.


We are actively hiring for the TradeConnect team and more roles will be opening soon, so stay updated for more details coming shortly.

We are so excited to soon be able to show you what we have been working so hard on the last year. It’s unreal for us how this is soon coming to reality and we are thrilled to have you all onboard with us for what will be a unique, blockchain-based multi-asset trading platform.

Let the countdown begin!

Best regards,

TradeConnect Team