Project Update 22nd February

Hello all TradeConnect supporters,

It has been two weeks already since our latest post, which means it’s time for a new project update!

We have so many exciting things in the pipeline that we are working on that we will announce soon, but first let’s share what we have been up to the last two weeks.

We have got a lot of questions recently about our Exchange and what our platforms offers that no one else has — and we want to make it clear that we have always wanted to be inclusive with other Traditional and Non Traditional exchanges, we have never wanted to replace any of them. By doing so, we will be able to connect more markets.

As many of you might know we have over a decade of experience within the financial trading sector and we thought it would be good to show you the relative size of the Crypto Market and compare it to the established exchange traded Equities and Derivatives market just to keep things in perspective and to show you that TradeConnect isn’t just a crypto platform.

Let’s start with looking at what Crypto Exchanges can offer you:

  • Dispersed Crypto exchanges and Tokenised Derivatives will struggle with liquidity and counter party risk as they are not connected to the real market
  • Dispersed crypto exchanges will compete with each other
  • Crypto Exchanges are closer to currency exchanges than Multi Asset Trading
  • Established Financial Industry players will bring blockchain and Crypto related ETFs to market quicker than decentralised exchanges.

TradeConnect will connect traders with Cryptocurrency to the largest most liquid markets in the world. By delivering:

  • Direct Trade execution between participants (internal Liquidity) on the TradeConnect Network as well as External liquidity (Traditional Exchanges and OTC Crypto liquidity providers)
  • TradeConnect will strengthen as new crypto / blockchain assets come to market and become included in the TradeConnect clearing network
  • TradeConnect will offer real multi Asset trading

Other than that we are working hard on developing features for TradeConnect and we are very proud of how it’s turning out. Stay tuned!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Best regards,

The TradeConnect Team