Project Update 8th February

Hi everyone!

There’s been few weeks already since our last update and nothing much have changed. As you all know we are working on the network and this takes time, but we are making huge progress and it’s great to see things taking shape.

Mobile UI Updates in Progress

We are working to improve the mobile app UI to help refine the user experience. The UI work is still in progress and has not yet been deployed so that it is visible for you who has the app, but we will notify the community in a future update once the enhancements have been released.

We also have an exciting partnership announcement upcoming that will significantly enhance our mission of bridging the gap between the fiat and digital world. Stay tuned for this.

Other than that we are posting on social media channels every day where we give you facts about our token and TradeConnect network, so if you’re not following us yet — make sure to check them out:




Speak soon again.

Best regards,

TradeConnect Team