ThinkCoin’s journey through 2018!

Hi Everyone,

We are getting closer to the end of this year and we can’t believe how fast it has gone past. It’s been an amazing journey and we want to share with you a recap of everything we have achieved and all the conferences we have attended. From the beginning of the year we have been traveling all over the world to meet people and to spread awareness of ThinkCoin and TradeConnect and we’ve met so many interesting people within the sector.

We are aware that a lot of you are still waiting for the last and big news of our exchange listing date, which we are working very hard on at the moment, and we promise it’s not far away — so are you ready to join us on a journey through 2018 with the ThinkCoin team? Great!


  • We kicked off the new year with a re branding and new logo and we used January to get in touch with upcoming conferences in Europe for the next months. Our team expanded and we got onboard new team members and advisors and we grew our online presence before hitting the road.


  • Our Chief Market Analyst was a Moderator for the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference taking place in Gibraltar where he was discussing DLT regulations, legal advices and ICO guidelines.
  • Few weeks later we headed off to our first conference as sponsors, which was taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. A very successful first event where we met people who had traveled from all over the world to attend. We had a presentation in front of a huge audience and we received some great feedback on our project!


  • Second conference we attended was taking place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 1st of March. Good start to the month where we set up some meetings and met a lot of interesting people in the blockchain industry.
  • We joined Telegram and quickly grew our following after meeting people at conferences and spreading the word about ThinkCoin and our multi-asset trading network we are going to build.
  • Just a few days after attending the conference in Turkey, the team flew off to Bankok, Thailand to attend our third conference. It was taking place in an amazing hotel and we met a lot of different people here than to the ones in Europe. People showed huge interest in our project and we realised that Asia was a place we should discover more. We headed off to another four conferences: Money2020 in Singapore (you can read our CEO’s article from the event here and here), two privately hosted events in Vietnam and TOKEN2049 in Hong Kong. Whilst some of the team was spending time and running around with a hectic schedule in Asia, some of the team who was still in London attended Crypto Investor Show in our hometown and a Cryptocurrency World Expo in Berlin, Germany.
  • We also won the Best Blockchain-based Innovation award at the City of London Wealth Management Awards.
Money2020: Harley Salt (General Manager, TCO), Dilip Ratha (Lead Economist, Migration and Remittances Unit, and Head, at World Bank Group) and Naeem Aslam (Chief Market Analyst, TCO)
Vietnam: Privately hosted event!
Goodie bags!
Naeem in action explaining ThinkCoin and TradeConnect’s features
At the COLWMA Awards where we won the Best Blockchain-based Innovation Award.


  • April was a very exciting month for ThinkCoin. After a very successful Pre-Sale we went live with out Pre-ICO where we celebrated by offering participants 45% bonus.
  • We received some great reviews feedback on the different listing sites such as: ICO Marks, ICO Bench and Track ICO.
  • We launched our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which has now been downloaded about 100,000 times and we are so happy to see that so many of you like it!! This is a demonstration version of TradeConnect that will eventually serve as the interface for connecting traders directly on the blockchain. (Please note: this is an example of the functionality and user experience and is NOT yet connected to the blockchain based exchange).
  • We attended a few podcasts where our CEO’s attended and explained the ThinkCoin and TradeConnect concept and why it’s unique.
  • ThinkCoin started to be published in the media more and more in newspapers such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph, City AM and International Business Times.
  • We reached 20,000 followers on Telegram!
  • We partnered up with 0Chain, the blockchain dApp experts making the future of distributed infrastructure.
In action


  • ThinkCoin Team traveled to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia to meet investors and potential partners.
  • We attended Consensus in New York City, which is the annual blockchain technology summit hosted by CoinDesk. It was an honor to attend such a high quality event and to meet so many passionate people within the industry.
  • We partnered up with Elysium Capital Partners. They are our exclusive investment investors managing our day to day investment enquiries.
  • ThinkCoin was exclusively selected out of 21 ICO teams to attend TokenMatch event. TokenMatch is an elite group of ICO teams who present small groups of investors that have the capacity and mandate to deploy capital. Investors come by invitation only and ICO teams are pre selected through a rigorous process.
  • We reached our softcap of $5,000,000 USD which was a huge achievement for us that really motivated us and gave us an extra kick. Made us so happy to see how much interest we had received in just a few months!
  • ThinkCoin team traveled to Kiev, Ukraine to attend another Crypto event and to meet investors.

June — September

  • Events was taking place in our hometown, London. This time Blockchain International Show in Excel Centre and a few others.
  • We have announced our partnership with GMEX Group, one of the world’s leading exchange and blockchain service providers.
  • We traveled to Seoul for a privately hosted event and meetings with investors. The team stayed here for a week with a hectic schedule and back to back meetings with people within the industry. A very interesting week with great feedback!

September — December

  • The back-end and development team has been working hard on the platform itself as we are getting close to the end of the year.
  • Core Team has been in touch with a lot of people regarding exchanges to get listed on and we have finally decided which one we are going to go for and we will announce it as soon as we have an exact date. The exchange we are in touch with can not give us one specific date just yet as it’s high demand on that platform, so we have decided to wait with releasing which exchange and roughly when we will be listed. This is something we will be announcing in the next few weeks and we are hoping to get ThinkCoin on exchange before 2019. This would be an amazing way to end 2018 after all the hard work and waiting.
Our privately hosted event in Vietnam. Always working.

We hope you liked our recap! Remember, good things come to those who wait! We greatly appreciate you patience and we understand your frustration, but please bear with us just a little longer and let’s make it a listing no one will forget.

Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any questions.


TCO Team