TradeConnect Release Notes

Aug 21 · 3 min read

Date: 21/8/2019
System: BETA v1.1
Platforms: Mobile — iOS
Blockchain: Testnet Bitcoin & Ethereum


The TradeConnect BETA v1.1 has been released and new features include:

  • Adding Automatic Deposits in Test TCO
  • Using TCO based Margin trading
  • P&L settlement and balance updates
  • Enhancements of views to expand 8 decimal formats
  • And other style improvements

Important Notes

There will be a normal delay in deposits after your account is created since the auto-deposit function will need to transact over the blockchain. This will also be true for P&L settlement after a trade is closed.

Bitcoin based accounts require closing of trades with a minimum Profit or loss of 0.00002730 Satoshi or else the transaction will not be accepted by the BTC blockchain. ETH and TCO will have a minimum of 0.001. Please keep this in mind if you fail to see your balance update.

Known Issues

The following issues will be resolved in the coming releases.

  • Trading of Crypto to Crypto Swaps — At this time you will see some products, but they will not execute swap trading functionality.
  • Volume settings in order tickets will keep the value of a previous order ticket when switching between product types.
  • Ticket order window or depth of market window will sometimes close when clicked.
  • Reports and Trading History views require adding TXHash references.
  • Only one Base account and one swap account can be created per user account.
  • TCO based accounts that have a negative trade in their history can encounter issues with accurately tracking the account balance.

Excluded Features

More advanced features of the TradeConnect system including Fee Rebates and Monthly Staking contracts as well as availability in Android will be completed as part of the live version release.

Below you can see some screenshots of the latest updates:


TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.


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A revolutionary digital trading token that will power TradeConnect, a forthcoming blockchain-based multi-asset trading network


TradeConnect, the blockchain-based multi-asset trading network.

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