HackYourWayDay — What data do we have anyway?

As discussed in previous posts, the data we are talking about is data to do with locations. Locations where services are delivered or consumed. For example new data that we are publishing for this event from HSE HealthAtlas includes things like Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacists etc.


Data Types

Would that the world was all APIs but alas no. Let’s stick to the most common types of data in use.

  • PDF — :( tools to play with PDFs
  • XLS
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • GeoJSON
  • KML
  • APIs Various

Data Domains

This is not a definitive list of open data sources. It’s simply a list that I think might be interesting for this event. Various Open Data sources and repositories are available and part of Friday’s event is learning and exploring what’s there.


Health Data with API

• Dental Practices: http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/dentalpractices

• GP Practices : http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/gppractices

• Health Centres : http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/healthcentres

• Hospitals : http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/hospitals

• Nursing Homes : http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/nursinghomes

• Pharmacies : http://hackathonapi2017mm.azurewebsites.net/api/pharmacies

Public Services



Spatial Data

Planning & Housing


Local Government Services


Open Data Info

Open Data Technical Framework — https://data.gov.ie/technical-framework