Flashcards to Learn 168 Cognitive Biases

Misha Chellam
Aug 1, 2017 · 2 min read

At Tradecraft we spend a lot of time thinking about thinking. So we loved Buster Benson’s epic post on cognitive biases. If you haven’t read it lately, refresh your memory here.

We wanted a way to remember and quickly reference the information in Buster’s post, so we ordered John Manoogian III’s visual codex for our office wall.

Every day I stare at the poster for a few moments, hoping repeated exposure will make me conscious of the various flaws of my unconscious mind.

After three months of lots of lingering but little learning, I’ve made some Quizlet flash cards:

Quizlet presents multiple learning modes that leverage cognitive biases like the Generation effect and Testing effect to better recall this information. Spend some time with these cards and you’ll avoid the Google effect :)

Below are links to the flashcard sets. Hope they are helpful to your learning!

Props to the crew of sales & growth folks at Tradecraft who helped put this together: Christian Lorentzen, Karen L. Hu, Omar Abdon, and Taso Kasaris.

Also of course to Buster Benson for his work organizing the Wikipedia list of cognitive biases into a cohesive story about the frailty of the human mind. Our minds, after all, love a good cohesive story :)

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