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Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Product: They Care About Progress

Here’s How JTBD Can Make You A Better Growth Marketer

  1. Customers don’t want your product or what it does; they want help making their lives better.
  2. Solutions and Jobs should be thought of as parts of system that work together to deliver progress to customers.


  • Create ads and content that focus on progress. Progress is overcoming an emotional struggle to make one’s life better.
  • Make sure you have the right understanding of progress for your audience.

Case Study

  • TownHound’s Restaurant partners want more patrons during slow hours: Monday — Thursday nights.
  • Dating app users typically meet for dinner during the week because weekends are too precious to waste on a potentially traumatic first Tinder date experience.
  • It’s a match!


  • Re-highlight the progress that was promised in acquisition.
  • Link onboarding process to progress or overcoming a struggling moment.

Case Study


  • Use data to track changes in usage behavior.
  • Interview customers when behaviors change to understand if customers are making progress.
  • Make product changes when features are standing in the way of progress.

Case Study


  • You’ve already delivered some progress. Find ways to deliver more progress.
  • Add features that make progress easier to achieve.

Case Study


  • Use incentives that align with progress to influence referrals.
  • Don’t assume increased credits, storage, or currency equals progress.

Case Study

How to start using progress to benefit you and your customers



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